Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (2018)

Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (2018)

Ewww, Gross… The screen has a bezel, I think I just threw up a little

Flash storage and ram are soldered to the logic board… battery firmly glued in place. makes repairs or upgrades a pain in the but if possible at all. Hard pass.

Side question - is there such a thing as a “soft pass”?

The horrible truth about Apple’s repeated engineering failures

Aside from issues with upgrade-ability and repair-ability. This KEYBOARD is extremely unreliable. Though better than 2017 model, its keyboard seems to break more frequently than the Pre-touchbar Macbooks.

Actually, there is. :wink:

soft pass

The opposite of a hard pass: something that you have some interest in but ultimately cannot do.

Man, that place does have delectable mac n cheese, but I am going to have to be a soft pass


Complete with the inherently defective keyboard. $700 to repair it…and you will have to do so at least twice before you finally sh-tcan this dumpster fire of a laptop. You’ve been warned. Now suffer in silence.

It depends if the laptop is less than 90 days old since the purchase from Apple:

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Hi Wajeremy, can you speak to whether it’s possible to buy applecare for this product?

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I’d like to know as well!

You cannot get Applecare with this.

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Your comment is not helpful. I get it, you hate apple. Ok. That is fine. No need to complain here.

Ok, you did your PSA. It will not change anyone’s mind. At the end of the day They are still strong selling laptops. You hate Apple. I get it, but your comment does nothing at all.

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Hmm, pot calling the kettle black? Fanboys are no help either.

Quite helpful if you ask me… Thanks, I do like to repair and upgrade my own equipment. It is clearly not very friendly towards that end.

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Tried to buy this deal 6 times today. My credit card has been charged each time (pending charge) but the purchase has ultimately been denied. Not the first daily deal I’ve had issues with. Do they really have these computers to sell or is this just a scam to waste my time. So done with these people!!!


Map of the current sales for this listing as of a couple of minutes ago:

That’s your credit card making a smart decision on your behalf. Take the hint… It’s only done out of love.