Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (2018)

Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (2018)

Do NOT buy an Apple product that is not covered by an Apple warranty! You will regret it. You cannot get these computers serviced at an Apple Store, and you cannot add AppleCare to them. It is well worth it to pay a little more and buy refurbished computers directly from Apple, or look for deals on new models with a regular warranty.

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You had me at “Do NOT buy an Apple product”…
Seriously, it comes with a WOOT Limited warranty. Luckily I’ve never had to cash in on their warranty, so I can’t say whether their limited warranty is well worth it, or their bag of crap is better. Same can be said about AppleCare. I’m sure they have plenty of negative reviews for their warranty coverage.

Just be sure to completely read and understand WOOT’s limited warranty terms BEFORE purchasing. There’s the “buyer pays for shipping defective item back to WOOT…” and “Item must be returned in the same condition as received” gotcha’s.

You had me too at “Do NOT buy an Apple product…”. Good advice.

These come complete with the infamous “Butterfly-mechanism” keyboard with a 33% chance of dying due to a single particle of dust finding its way under a key with virtually no possibility of being cleaned. That’s at least a $700 repair at Apple although there are a few repair depots (dttservice and mygreenmacrepair) that can do this for about $200 by replacing only the keyboard. Then there’s the non-fixable touchbar and soldered-in-place SSD (the latter of which requires a completely new logic board if the SSD fails). But, hey! Other than these totally disabling, expensive repairs, what’s not to like?

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I see the Windows shills have shown up in full force with their sippy cups. The new Macbook pros aren’t the best I have the 2015 model and it runs like a champ no problems and is still blazingly fast.


“The new Macbook pros aren’t the best”.
Yet here you are with your self-righteous 2015 model basically stating the same thing. Here, take a sip… :wink:

I’d still rather use Mac than any Windows garbage oh the market.

Here, take a gulp.