Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pros (2017)

Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pros (2017)

Sorry if this has been asked & answered in previous such offerings, but:

If these are refurbished by Apple, why wouldn’t Apple warrant them?

Anytime I see a 15” MBP on here I get excited, only to be sadly disappointed when I click on the listing.

Oh well.

Priced the same as new if you look around. Why bother?

Sorry, I might be missing something. Did a quick check and found them new for over $2k. I am looking to replace a current broken macbook, is this a bad deal? thanks

We can offer a better deal by carrying the warranty ourselves.

I need 1-2TB SSD and 32GB RAM. How can I tell if this can be upgraded?

Unibody Macs haven’t been upgradeable for a very long time. Not even the RAM is upgradeable any more, I don’t think.

Can I buy AppleCare for this product to extend warranty thru Apple?

None of the retina MBP models can have their RAM upgraded (and only the latest, 2018 model, supports 32gb RAM).

As for the SSD, I’m with you. I need at least 1TB due to running multiple VMs. I believe the last model that could be upgraded after-the-fact was the 2015 MBP. Running an external SSD via USB 3.1 should be plenty fast for most people, but obviously makes for a less portable machine.

Probably not but that would be a question for Apple.

Are these AppleCare+ eligible since they don’t have original apple warranty?

Hi there. As noted above… Probably not but that would be a question for Apple.

Can i return this back to Woot if i am unsatisfied?

No you cannot, because it’s refurbished. Only new ones sold by autorized retailers and only refurbished ones that are sold by apple eligible for apple care.

Unfortunately you cannot, because it’s refurbished and sold by 3rd party. Only new ones sold by autorized retailers and only refurbished ones that are sold by apple eligible for apple care.

Eve square trade won’t warranty these, high dollar replacement devices.

You should be able to, never had issues when I had problems with my orders. Best customer friendly and customer satisfaction oriented crew they have​:100::+1:

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Just received a MacBook today. I’m curious if anyone else receiving theirs had any issues. I ordered the 2.9 ghz version and I got the 2.8 (meaning different processor, L3 cache, graphics card, and solid state than I ordered). Aside of that, not sure what’s up with the battery as I’m losing ~35% per hour. Checked the internal specs and they state the MBP is on it’s 5th battery cycle so that “shouldn’t” be happening.

TL:DR- Anyone else having issues with their product or getting the wrong item too? Currently waiting for a reply from Customer Service.

Yeah, Kiotsu, I received mine last night after my teaching session. I opened the packaging box and looked at the serial number at first, warranty expired. No biggie, as I have insurance on my credit card.

I opened the box within the box and I got the wrong model. Apparently I received the 2.8ghz model with 256gb of storage! WTF!!! So different configuration! So, I will be contacting customer support to get this resolved. This is very disappointing right now.

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Hello there. I’m sorry about the model differences. I’m checking with the computer team.

In the meantime, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.