Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pros (2017)

Apple 15" Intel Core i7 MacBook Pros (2017)

This Macintosh Book Pro features
USB C Ports that are also Display Ports that are also Thunder Humper 3 Ports…

Yo’ Dawg… I heard you liked ports

A Crackentosh Book Pro with Ports!

Are these eligible for applecare. I would assume not, but i’d like a definite answer.

Sorry, but these are not eligible for AppleCare.

Are these true apple refurbs with new batteries (cycle count <2)?

Are these laptops covered by the Keyboard Service Program?

They fall under those models and dates.

Hi there. Since they are refurbished by Apple, they will have the same process as other their other refurbished products.

Hello. It would be best to check with Apple on that.

On the deal page it says they ARE refurbished by Apple. Can you comment?
Listen up! These MacBooks are Refurbished by Apple, but do not come with an Apple Warranty.

Blargh. Monday morning. Thank you. I revised my answer above. They go through the same process as other Apple products then.

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I bought this from Woot last month, just so everybody knows, Woot warranty does not really do much at all, specially in terms of any repairs that most likely will arise in your refurbished macbook pro. I started a thread with the Woot customer service team JUST over this last weekend about my 15 inch 2017 Macbook pro, where the “G” key stopped working, and this is the reply I got from them:

in this same email I was also told that they do not have any additional units for replacement. This morning I email them back letting them know that they have this sale, so they must have additional units for me to get a replacement and this is what I hear back with:

I think is a warning for all you guys that are looking to buy this macbook, the warranty isn’t really going to do anything for you in terms of a repair that $225 dollar check they are giving out for me to take my macbook to someone else to repair is completely unfair, to get that key fixed from apple costs around $500. This is a complete joke of a warranty. Only thing you are going to get is a refund, and that’s it. This is very disappointing. I recommend everyone to hold off on this deal.

Hello there! I’m sorry for the problem with your Macbook. It is true that we don’t repair items but if you show a receipt for the repair, we will take that into account. Otherwise, we offer the best fair price we can based on the information we have at that time.

I’ve talked with the CS manager. Since we have the item back in stock, she’s reaching out to you to see about getting you a replacement.

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This product - separate from any warranty, should be covered by the Apple Keyboard Service Program:

Did you take it to Apple?

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Oh nice, I did not know about this. Thanks for pointing that out, that’s great, I can take this issue directly to apple.