Apple 15" Intel i7 1TB Retina Macbook Pro

Am I able to get AppleCare on this? I can’t seem to find out of this comes from an Apple-authorized retailer or not, etc.

Also, what’s the return policy on this? The specs seems to be right for what I need, but if it’s not, can I return it?

Thanks in advance!

Replying to myself is always fun… I talked with Apple tonight, and no you cannot add AppleCare to this.

Hopefully Woot will get back to me with an update on returns.

Apple care does not apply to these computers.

Our return policy is linked in my signature.

The specs on this are worse than my $1200 laptop from 4 years ago.

Your four year old laptop had BETTER than a Retina Display a quad core i7 processor and a 1 TB Solid State Drive???