Apple 15" Intel i7 512GB MacBook Pros (2017)

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Remember when woot had this same computer for 400 bucks less?
Man that was a woot for the ages.

Yep, that was a crazy unicorn deal and I missed it myself by seconds too - ugh. This is still over $500 under Apple’s price for a same spec refurb. I’m tempted to pull the trigger.

Cyber Monday and Woot gives us more fake 4K displays, automatic vacuums and refurbished apple products. Someone needs to lose a job at Woot.

Ridiculous that this company has gone south so fast for so long.

So Apple does the referb but not the warranty? Explain?
Also how detailed is the referb process?

Also how good is the Woot one year Warranty.
What does Apple usually provide for a referb?


That sporadic superfluous apostrophe, though… :exploding_head:


We are able to get you a better price by carrying the warranty ourselves.

It’s the same refurbishing process that Apple uses and done by Apple Certified partners.

The only thing I’m really worried about with this deal is the keyboard.

What happens if the keyboard starts to exhibit issues that would normally be covered by Apple’s keyboard service program?

I won’t be able to go to an Apple store and get it serviced, right? Will it be replaced under the Woot warranty? Will I have to ship it off to be fixed and be without it for a couple of weeks?

Just wondering what the expecation should be to save $1000 over an equivalent current-get model.

Apple treats refurbs just like brand new Macs–same warranty applies.

The lack of an Apple warranty is the only downside to this deal. We really do need to know what Woot does/doesn’t cover.

Seconding this question. We need more details on this Woot warranty.

Apple does not list ‘AppleCare’ as a prerequisite for getting service under the “Keyboard” program:

With that said, Woot cannot determine what Apple will or will not choose to cover. If you are concerned, you should reach out to Apple to get more information about what they will cover under this program.

Apple won’t answer that question and I don’t expect Apple to take one of these laptops purchased with Woot’s warranty in on that service program. I was simply asking “Hey, if this happens to me, what will Woot cover and how will it be covered?”

I don’t think that’s an out of bounds question to ask and doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to answer but the warranty page gives nothing close to any kind of idea how those claims are handled. I mean, the warranty page itself even emphasizes the “limited” part of the warranty.

You’re talking about a third-party refurbisher doing the work and then covered by a third-party warranty. If I go to Apple with that computer with the keyboard problem they will say “I hope that thousand bucks you saved was worth it”.

I mean, maybe it is… but I can’t make that decision without some kind of insight in to what the Woot warranty will cover and how those warranty claims are handled. If I have an issue and I open a ticket is something like this keyboard issue going to be covered? Will it be asked to be sent in to be serviced since it’s a high-ticket item? will it asked to just be sent in for a direct replacement? Will I be able to have a machine cross-shipped in order to do a restore or will I just have to make a backup and hope it works when the new one comes in?

Just looking to see if it IS worth saving $1000.

Okay, but you CAN tell us what YOU will cover, and despite the fact that we’ve asked, you’ve yet to do so. It’s vital information for a purchase like this, and it should be simple to answer.


It’s a standard Woot warranty. If you contact Woot CS, they will offer you a replacement if we have one in stock or a return/refund if not.

If you’re worried about repairs, you might consider getting the SquareTrade warranty offered at the top of the features.

I dont see any reason why Apple wouldn’t cover keyboard repair. It is 4 year coverage for that.

I think that at least sets expectations. Just replacements/refunds - no repair.

Because Apple is notoriously bitchy about these things.

In my experience, I’d probably have no issue going to an Apple store and having the issue fixed. But there are rare occasions where they will just flat refuse if work was done by a third party not authorized by Apple.

I think the line here is that, even though the work is done by an Apple Certified Partner (I hope, can only really take Woot’s word for it), that’s not work “authorized” by Apple and you have to be prepared for the possibility that if you have an issue and take it to an Apple store to have it fixed they might just tell you no.

I was up at 1am in hopes that it would make a return appearance. If i remember right, that one also had a 1TB drive, too. that’s what I’m looking for but none of the cyber monday deals out there are for a recent model with a 1TB drive. Looks like I’ve gotta get it from Apple.