Apple 16GB 3G iPhone - White Woot Info Post
It’s not a bug, it’s!

Apple 16GB 3G iPhone - White [Refurbished] - $399.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Apple MB499LL/A 16GB 3G iPhone - White

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This is the newest model.

A product I have never heard of…

I prefer HTC EVO’s.

Sooner or later, I was guessing Apple would make its appearance… but I was hoping to see an IPod

Ok deal on an outdated phone. Time for a nap.

Does this come with the black Apple earbuds?

It better be white gold…

$1,204.97 for 3… come on who dosnt want 3 iphones???

Why would anyone buy this for $400?!?

wow really, it’s 2 generations old


is it droid compatible?

Geez. $400 for a two-year old phone? Next.

Doesn’t this seem expensive for a last generation fruitPhone, even new. And this one is a refurb?

I’ll keep my Palm Pre.

Legitimately unlocked for use on any GSM network? Or are they AT&T only?

Warning to MAC users, these are definitely not compatible with all Apple products.

In fact you can’t even charge them directly from a Mac IIe.


And bring on the monkeys!

As in, two generations ago? That I can get for $50 from AT&T if it were available?

If you upgrade to iOS4 it makes it slow… super slow.

If you jailbreak it, change the root password.