Apple 16GB 3GS iPhone - Black

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Apple 16GB 3GS iPhone - Black
$479.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MB715LL/A Black 16GB 3GS iPhone

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Apple 16GB 3GS iPhone - Black [Refurbished] - $479.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Apple MB715LL/A Black 16GB 3GS iPhone

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Android is better! :slight_smile:

Finally a cheap product we all can afford…

U can get it cheaper on Craigslist…


ouch… hope there is only 1!

walmart just announced selling 3GS for like $99 with 2-year att contract.

No Apple warranty? No woot!

These are gonna be $97 at Walmart soon… but only because there will be a new iPhone in about 3 weeks.

¡Hay Dios Mío!

Walmart will start selling these with a 2 yr contract at 97.00. I just read on CNN

What does it do?

I hate apple!!!

Love Love Love my iphone 3gs. I only have 8G though, and I bought it through AT&T, so I got it cheaper.

You can get it cheaper, refurbed on Google products. How sad is that :-/

i bought a refurb 3G iphone for 50. this deal fails.

Gotta commute to “work”.

Don’t buy these yet…

  1. Who wants a 3GS this close to June 7th?
  2. $20 off, where’s the deal?
  3. Woot-off killer?

in for 3 woot