Apple 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi (4th Gen)

Apple 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi (4th Gen)
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Mar 21 to Wednesday, Mar 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Makes perfect sense to buy this since the iPad Air 16gb wifi can generally be found for this price. At Best Buy the Air is $479.99. Do some research and get it for $449. Not to mention that this is $400 direct from Apple isn’t it?

$429 at staples…

This just dropped to $400 new today from Apple. Paying more than new from Woot? Never thought I’d see the day!

You can now buy this iPad from Apple for $399!

it’s actually cheaper new on apple’s site -


in all fairness, they just changed the price and killed the iPad 2 today.

Apple just reintroduced this model for $399.

Well, that sudden price drop at has made this…awkward.

even Staples the most expensive place in the US for tech is only 429$…worst Woot EVER

I feel sorry for whoever decides to buy this!

On sale at Future Shop in Canada for CDN$399.99 which is about US$360. See:

So Apple’s price drop aside - I HIGHLY recommend the 4th gen over the Air in regards to durability. I buy dozens of these for my IHE, and I’ve seen iPad 3rd and 4th gens dropped, kicked, and knocked around and come out ticking. I’ve seen Airs get set on a table too hard and crack the glass.

Snag that $399 4th gen over an Air, I say.

Looks like Woot decided to skip this item… or someone took one for the team and bought the only one they had.

Gives new meaning to First sucker!

This is the model Apple just announced will replace the iPad2 at $399.

Just so you all know. Apple dropped the price of this to $399 from now on. Looks liked they screwed the woot buyers on this deal.