Apple 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi (4th Gen)



Who refurbed this?


If only I had bought that Bluetooth keyboard now… :slight_smile:


Your mother!
(well, someone had to say it)


No wonder these all need to be refurbished: they are all wet.




It’s, “Yo Mama!” Get it straight.


Woot did. They were selling them new Last Time


Since the only place you can exchange or return an iPad is an Apple store or authorized third party, I suspect this would be refurbed by either Apple or one of their authorized contractors. Unfortunately, my mother is not authorized! :frowning:


Great for anyone who didn’t feel like pulling the trigger on the Galaxy earlier and recently found a few hundred on the ground.


Normal retail price is $500, so $60 off isn’t bad. I think Apple takes off $50 when they refurbish, but I’m not sure if you can get first-party refurbed 4th gen iPads yet.


Obviously not dishwasher safe!


Moot point - it was an Android BT keyboard!



This will match well with


The image for the black iPad is the iPad 2.


Eligable for Squaretrade but you might as well buy new if you are going to do that. I think I’ll just wait for the announcement of a new tablet and then grab on at Target with my 5% off Red Card.


4th Gen? lol. Really??? come on Woot.


Apple does not list any 4th gen refurbs on their website. I would NOT assume that this is refurbished by them. Their refurbs include a new case and battery…YMMV

For only $60 extra, I would go with a new one if I were inclined to get one. The last time I bought an Apple refurb, it was $100 off the new price. I still have it today, after 4 years…


4th Gen is the most recent version.


Good thinking. However, Apple Store Refurbed iPads come with a 1 year warranty. There are no 4th gen ones yet, but just keep a look out. Go to, click on Store, and then look at the lower left corner for refurbed products from Apple.