Apple 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi (4th Gen)

**Item: **Apple 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi (4th Gen)
Price: $479.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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2/25/2013 - $439.99 - 38 comment(s)
2/20/2013 - $439.99 (Woot-off) - 52 comment(s)
1/22/2013 - $479.99 (Woot-off) - 0 comment(s)

4% off??? Don’t hurt yourselves woot. }:^(

Seriously, after the $5 shipping you save a whopping $15.

Woo, hoo!

I keep pasting the url and get the same thing out of stock like it hasn’t done anything. where am I supposed to paste the dang thing

Refurb from Apple for $419, $60 less + free shipping

Hmmm a new bed to sleep on or an iPad…decisions decisions…

pls somebody - when are the boc supposed to be pasted- it’s been over a year since I got one.

wow, darn near MSRP. guess woot is telling us OCD west coasters it is time for bed, added two different BOCs to my account but never got a button to check out, someone else swooped in each time. curse you two! :wink:

Now to bed (unless someone wants to fall on this grenade?)

Edit: on the bright side, looks like this one a time thing means the wootoff is going to go much longer than usual:

“You can only have ONE B.O.C. this week. Duplicate orders will be canceled.”

week? omfg, yay?

will try again tomorrow night (er, tonight?)

paste it in a new browser or just swipe it and open it in a new tab

Now wonder why this is a woot off

They have nothing else to sell, so they make this $15 off!

My androids do everthing ios does and better, why would this cost soooo much especially selling here!

And yes I own an ipad 1st gen thap apple stopped updating a long time ago and now I cant install most nerwer apps!

Its almost useless,!

So much for apple being non fragmented with ios! What a bunch of crap!! I wonder how many articles get paid off with apple now !!

Oh and by the way my moto zoom one had 4.1.2 but my ipad 1 does not have 6 or getting 7!
I dont even want to get into the patters they are stealing and this goverment is allowing!

Anyway I do love my 2 apple computers, but to me ios is dead!

This is all my opinion, nothing more, and stuff I read off articles!

LOL nobody wants to save 4%

Reboot after dumpin’ your temporary internet files!

they are only putting one up at a time !
if you’re not the first in that’s what you get !

Almost as good a deal as the POS D-link (dead link) routers. Which they pulled, then relisted, probably because of all the negative comments.

But seriously, I love woot.

I bet there is only one of these turkeys too LOL

A Woot off? 4%? I’m embarrassed for you.

wow still 100% left.
this is gonna be a looooooong woot off.

Maybe, just maybe, if they lift the restriction of one per customer, they will go flying out the door…

…probably not.


A Woot off? 4%? I’m embarrassed for you.

It’s a great product, but $20 off MSRP is not a Woot-off. It’s a joke. Show me the 32GB version, and a lower price.