Apple 16GB iPhone 4 Unlocked Verizon Cellphones


Is a international versión?? is really unlocked, please answer me??

All of Verizon’s networks are CDMA so yes…

Can these be used as an ipod touch if you don’t want to activate? If so, how do you get past the Verizon activation screen?

These are for the Verizon network.


There is no “Verizon” activation screen.
You will be able to use this as a iPod touch.
You will need to register it with apple.
All you will need is wifi and a apple account (free) and you are good to go

This is the iPhone 4 so there is no sim card option in this phone.
It can be used on Verizon OR Page Plus!
[the 4S can be unlocked to accept any international GSM card]

Could this phone be activated and used for Straight Talk? I’m about to go that way, but the phone choices are limited.

I would recommend Page Plus Cellular. They run on the verizon network and have excellent plans.

I never heard of it. Good information to have.

Can this phone be used on T-Mobile prepaid?

Doesnt T-Mobile use SIM cards like ATT, Boost mobile and Virgin mobile? If so this phone cannot be used with it since it is a Verizon phone which does not take a SIM card like Sprint and Cricket wireless.
Also, Verizon is on CDMA network and T-Mobile is on GSM network.
Some new phones for the LTE network will have SIM cards to crack down on hacking.

Thanks for the answer. T-Mobile does use a SIM card

Straight Talk uses the T-Mobile network, which is GSM. So, no.

If you’re looking to use a phone with a company other than one of the big four, these are the letters you need to know: MVNO. Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Those are the companies like Straight Talk and Virgin Wireless and Boost Mobile that use someone else’s networks (a couple of those are, I think, actually subsidiaries of one of the big telcos).

Wikipedia has an article here ( with a list of the MVNOs active in the US. For this phone, you want Verizon in the second column from the left.

Without getting too deep in the technical weeds, there are various reasons a phone from one GSM or CDMA network might not work on another of the same type. Carriers use different frequencies for voice or data, and some CDMA carriers are just plain dicks about connecting a phone they didn’t sell you.

Seriously, you just made my day!!! Thank you!

I bought a used Verizon network iPhone a while ago. Zero problems getting it activated. You can do it on line. I only had to speak to a person because I had a few questions about the phone. I don’t have the time or interest to keep up with what’s happening with the big cellular companies, but Verizon has given me very good service for about 15 years.

PS - the iPhone 4 runs iOS 7 which is pretty cool. And yes, if you don’t want to use it as a phone, you can use it on wifi as an iPod touch. You need an Apple account obviously, but those are free.,default,sc.html

Page plus is awesome! Check out Kitty wireless - they are fabulous.

Does this mean I don’t need to lock into a 2-year program with phone companies?