Apple 16GB iPhone 5c Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Would like to know if battery is new on this refurb. Thanks!

All batteries will be tested to make sure they function within acceptable standards. Some will be replaced.

Do these work with Cricket?..they are a subsidiary of AT&T

Indeed it will.

Are these Verizon compatible?

Probably not. But there’s a link at the top of the description that lets you check.

Terrible quality. Mine is badly beaten up. The home button has 3 nicks in it, the back housing is completely jacked. I think there’s even some food left on it. Absolutely deplorable. Woot should be ashamed. I will probably box back up, hand back to FedEx and say refused, then just dispute the charge. This is a scam.


Got mine today. It was pretty dirty on the back and had some slight scratches on the screen but overall not too bad. Got it as an emergency phone for the kids so for $110 it’s not too bad, but I’d be pissed if I got this to use as my main phone. Slapping a case on it and it looks good as new.