Apple 16GB iPhone 5s Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Typically, are these phones pretty clean when they arrive. Has anyone had any experiences?

Do the phone come with the original box and packaging? If not, what kind of packaging?

Since this item is reconditioned it will most likely not come in original packaging. Usually they are delivered in plain “brown box” packaging. I will ask the vendor team if they have any additional info about this specific phone’s packaging.

[EDIT: I confirmed with the vendor team, this item does come with brown box packaging.]

Bought a refurb 5c in the Nov 23 offering. Don’t know if same vendor or not. Generic box with generic cable and adapter. Phone was in excellent condition. A couple of very minor scratches on screen and a few very minor scuff marks on the rear edge of case. No complaints here.

I ordered one phone and it was great. Then I ordered another phone and it was really scratched up and had water damage with a (void) on the phone. It is hit or miss.