Apple 16GB iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

These have been EOL products and are being clearance by the carriers quickly. Ordered 2 for a customer last week for $399 new with no contract. You can get new from Apple for $349 without any efforts too.

This applies to 6, 6S and 6S+

The last time I bought a refurbished iPhone from woot, it was asking for an iCloud ID and password. We’re still trying to figure out how to get past that.

Would that be an issue with this phone as well?

Where, on the Apple site? I only see $549 for the 32 GB. There are no refurbs or clearance iPhones at all on Apple.

How scratched and dented are these? Could I buy one and take it into AT&T and trade it in for a free iPhone 7, since they are running a promotion right now if you exchange a working, non-damaged iPhone 6 or newer?

It’s never going to work if it was not released by the original owner. You need to return it and get a different one since Apple will NOT unlock the device for your use without proof of original ownership.


not here:

iPhone 6 and 6 plus may be one of the worst models to get refurbished:

I’m really sorry to hear that your previous phone was asking for an iCloud password. Did you contact customer service about the issue? If not, you should. Please use the Customer Service form to explain the situation.

I bought a 6 here a few months back for $369 or so. I put in my cricket sim card and it has performed as expected. There were a few minor nicks or scratches but nothing that made me consider returning it.
At this price it seems like a great deal.

Does this phone come with new battery? normally cell phone batteries go down in performance after 1 year, does refurbished mean close to new phone?
can it be two years old phone with no scratches and dents?

We cannot say with certainty if the phone you receive will have a new battery or not. Depending on the condition of the phone when it arrives for refurbishment they may choose to replace the battery or not. Each phone will be different.

Can this item work with Straight Talk?