Apple 16GB iPod nano (7th Gen)

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**Item: **Apple 16GB iPod nano (7th Gen)
Price: $107.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished
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Yep, I am off to bed…

Ha, im actually using this exact iPod right now. For anyone who doesnt already have one, this is awesome. Easy to use. It’s replaced XM radio in my car. I put music on and put it on shuffle, its already paid for itself.

These are normally $99.99 on the Apple site, or the same price brand new for Best Buy’s Black Friday deal.

They need to do these on a time limit, if they are going to sell stuff that doesn’t move.

It’s a bit odd – I don’t think this is just Woot. From what I’ve seen this evening, the Black Friday “door busters” have been surprisingly underwhelming.

There were a few decentish deals (the entire reason I was around was to spot a friend the cash for a Ipad 2 that was $300), but most of the stuff I’ve seen look like your typical sale. 15% off, that kind of thing.

It’s like somebody went and broke Black Friday this year. Maybe Cyber Monday will be better?

No, I think this has just been the progression of Black Friday. Every year it gets worse and I think it’s mostly because businesses know that people will shop regardless of if the deals are good because it’s programmed in them to automatically assume they aren’t getting screwed on Black Friday… when they really are.