Apple 16GB iPod touch (5th Gen)

**Item: **Apple 16GB iPod touch (5th Gen)
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

cnet calls this “a mixed bag”

No rear camera on this model. I really feel bad dissing Woot like this, but the 4th gen (16GB with front and 720p rear camera) can be had for $20 less (refurb) at apple store.

Love the 5th gen, but mostly because of the awesome rear camera which this one is missing.

Your post is a little confusing. the 16GB 5th Gen iPod Touch, which this Woot is, has no rear camera, but BIGGER 5th Gen models do.

Anywho, as always, if you get your refurbs FROM Apple, they come with a full 1yr warranty for only a few bucks more. As much as I love Woot, that difference is always worth it to me.

I can’t argue with the wisdom of getting refurbs like this straight from Apple. That’s how I got my wife’s iPad a while back, and you wouldn’t have known it was refurbished if it wasn’t on the box; it was functionally and cosmetically perfect.

If they had the 16GB 5th gen iPod in stock, then it would probably be $200 or so, which would still be worth paying. As it stands, the 32GB 5th gen is probably a better buy than this at $250; you’ll always end up filling it up.


There are email lists you can join to notify you of when a refurb comes into stock at the Apple Store. That is how I got the exact model of rMBP I wanted. No one would ever know these perfect machines are refurbs and the warranty is a little better than what you are going to get here…

I don’t think 16GB is enough storage for an iPod. That’s only about 3 days of music. Put some video on there and you’re screwed. What if you have to, say, go on a business trip with your boss? You’ll need more than 16GB.

Yeah it was but what are BIGGER Gen5 Touch models?

So other than an A5 vs A4 cpu and a smaller Lightning port, what makes this item a better deal than say a new or refurb 32gb Gen4 iTouch? Is the price differential worth it? Both upgradeable to iOS7 if desired or even desireable?

Unfortunately, this is probably not the ipod for anyone. My kids use the camera on their older ipod more than any other feature! Why oh Why did Apple remove the camera on this version??? I almost bought 3 until I saw this flaw and really couldn’t believe it at first.

@russwjohns, the above posts could have been more clear.

The “bigger”-than-16gb storage 5th gen Touches do have rear cameras. And their rear cameras are pretty nice 5 megapixel resolution cameras.

A lot of Touch users were upset when Apple made that feature differentiation. Since Apple’s margin is excellent on the storage increases, it appears Apple neutered the bottom model to encourage you to move up while still being able to say they had a (about @ $229) $200 model.

BTW, If you’re using these as a mini-tablet (smartphone without the phone) and not to store music or videos, 16gb is perfectly fine… especially since you’re unlikely to fill it with photos due to the lack of rear camera. :wink:

The 4th-gen isn’t upgrade able to iOS 7, just FYI.

iOS 7 on the iPod touch/iPhone isn’t bad at all. It’s the iPad builds that are lackluster IMO.

The 4th gen ipod touch CANNOT be updated to IOS7, 5th gen CAN!

Actually it is $30 less:

AppleCare vs SquareTrade…i would do AppleCare on this product, which you can, because you get two years of limited warranty, 2 years phone support, and repair options as close as your nearest Apple Retail Store, vs sending it to SquareTrade or waiting for RMAs, etc!

Even on Woot, it’s just impossible for Apple products to be a good deal.

This is $15 more than I paid for a brand new chinese 10" quad core 2GB/16GB RAM/Storage tablet a few months back. And the overall quality on it is fantastic.

You can get high quality 7" quad core android tablets all day long for less than $100. So how to justify this?

I have the 32 GB, G5 and love iOS 7 on it. The quick slid-up control panel is really slick, so if you choose to use a password, you can bypass it to get to a quick screen of tools: Flashlight, timer/stop watch/alarm/clock, calculator, camera, iTunes and a control bar for; airplane mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, and lock screen rotation and Air Drop.

Beyond the password lock, it just seems smoother and has seven screens for apps. Just installed it a week ago - so far, so good.

BTW, I would go for a 32 GB. The camera is worth it and it makes the extra space necessary. I bought mine through Newegg for $269 - free shipping & no sales tax, last winter.

One negative that has really sucked on the 32 GB, that would be moot on the 16GB, is that when the camera takes a shot towards a bright light, it puts an ugly green artifact on your images. The sapphire lens is more scratch resistant than the older models, but I’ve been told, is the reason for the bad flare.