Apple 16GB or 32GB iPad 3rd Gen

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Apple 16GB or 32GB iPad 3rd Gen
$399.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Is this the generation iPad that can open cans and bottles?

Currently on the 4. Does the 3 feel sluggish because of the higher resolution with lower processing power?

Just a reminder that these work on WiFi; they don’t have the ability to connect via a cellular connection.

The only ones Apple is selling currently are the 32 GB and they are $469 so you save a bit. Apple doesn’t have the 16 GB 3rd Gen in stock. The 16 GB 2nd Gen is $399, so this is not a bad deal.

Yes, there will be a huge debate on apple products but I got to say, this thing is awesome! I use it everyday at work. It not only keeps me up to date on e-mail but I use the camera more often than I thought I would.

Is this you?

I would just pay the extra $100 and step up to a 4th gen.

Not me but that is a pretty sweet case!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking you’re right. If one is already spending this much, what’s a Benjamin more between friends?

If you’re in, you should buy three to get a deal on shipping. Also, according to spoiled teens who posted on Twitter Christmas morning, the black iPad is for losers.

I got a Kindle Fire HD two months ago and I still love it. Especially since I got 32 gigs for $250.

And being Wi-Fi only, thus do NOT have GPS capability. Must have a cellular connection model for GPS!

It will do “Location Services” but turn by turn GPS for Apple maps doesn’t work on Wi-Fi only models.

I must be silly to think I can compare this to the Asus tablet with keyboard dock for $330 also on woot. But indulge me:

What really pushes the ipad over the top when comparing the two 32Gb systems? Is it just the name and status that makes the iPad worth 120 more?

The Gen4 is faster but Gen3 has Retina Display and is much faster than the iPad2.

This is also the last model with the 30 pin connector vs. lightning.

If you have 30 pin peripherals, this is the best screen, fastest iPad available.

probably the name and the OS

i would personally get the transformer with keyboard at this price for the versatility

Is it refurbished by apple or some other company?

The iPad 3 is just about the same in speed as iPad 2, almost identical (due to the higher resolution. The iPad 4 is usually about 3x performance in benchmarks, however the real world usage won’t be nearly as noticeable. I personally would rather dish out the extra cash for the latest and greatest, however, it probably isn’t worth the difference for the average user.

Saw a 16GB refurb at Microcenter for 429.99 the other day. Well played, Woot.

I’m generally against iAnything, but I have to admit that the display on these is exceptional.

I am neither an Apple fanboy nor hater. As proof of my neutrality, let me say that I have an iPod and iPhone, but two Windows laptops and no Macs. I don’t own an iPad, but have used them quite a bit. I bought from Woot and returned the Asus TF-300T and keyboard. Nice idea, I like keyboards more than touchscreens for some things, seemed like a better value for money, but my takeaway (when the thing was working) was that for me, iOS made for a better tablet than Android did. Easier and better to work with, and it seems to always be the one with the better or more smoothly accomplished apps and approaches. Just my 2 cents - I’m sure that dedicated Android users would have a different view.

To my surprise, I’ve also found that the smaller iPad Mini is probably the sweet spot (and still prefer it to the very nice Nexus 7), but that’s another debate entirely.