Apple 17" MacBook Pro



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Apple 17" MacBook Pro
$1479.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Was $1,719 at Apple.


Seems like a good price compared to the 17" macbook pros Apple has on the refurb area of their site.


What is there to say, except that

  1. at this size, your entire lap, and part of the sofa can now have that toasty feeling after 10 straight hours of Minecraft, and
  2. you can soak up all that spare time you have trying to find a computer briefcase and sleeve that will fit it.


Spec sheet from Everymac.

Decent, not great, price for a 17" MBP.

I’m holding out for a 15" Sandy Bridge to replace my 2.6 ghz Penryn C2D. Almost five years old and its still going strong… Only reason I really want a new one is I’m starting to hit the limits of the max 6 gb ram that my old MBP supports.


Not eligible for OS X Mountain Lion Up-to-Date Program


I have this laptop and it’s been by far the best laptop I’ve owned. I know 17" is too big of a laptop for some, but I just can’t go smaller for my main laptop. Disappointed that the 17" is no longer available, so I’d snatch this one up if you want a MacBook and want a big screen.

This laptop does not feel too big at all, and it still feels like new to me … my last HP crapped out in just a little over a year.

I don’t use it for games, but do a lot of video and photo work, and it’s superb. Also run Windows with Parallels which works fairly well … it’s really hard to like Windows when it’s side by side with OSX. But I’m a convert, went completely anti-Apple to all Apple.


And so begins the Apple/PC “debate.” Listen folks, both have their place in the world and we all have different experiences. I own PC’s because they work for me and I take care of them. I still know that Apple makes a quality product and has a purpose in the world. Personally, I’ve had the same 5th Gen iPod for years now and it still works just as well as the day I got it. Apple charges what they do because thats what folks think the product is worth. And maybe it is to them! No need to get all worked up over it. MacBooks are quality computers that function well and I see nothing wrong with having a little variety in the world. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


I’ve owned Apple products in the past, and honestly only ended up feeling silly for buying into the over-marketed hype.

Now I do my best to find products with comparable features, and usually end up finding laptops with excellent specs, brand new, for $500. Sure the screens aren’t 17", but at least I don’t pay too much just because I needed to help pay for the advertising.

Also, with a lower price tag the freedom is there to purchase a new laptop much more frequently. Since laptops are notoriously bad at upgrading, this is an added benefit instead of feeling like you need to make your 1800 dollar laptop last a few more years.


The thing is, Apple refurbs are a pretty safe bet (and I never buy anybody else’s refurbs anywhere else, except for my Woot-off refurb Roku player which is great). The Apple refurbs I’ve had in the past were essentially new and with no more problems than new products…sometimes fewer problems. As long as this Woot is actually an Apple refurb it should be great, if it was refurbished by somebody else I’d be wary.

I can’t live with a laptop over 15", though.


I suspect there are going to be a lot of Wooters whose grandkids tell them it’s not cool to be using a Windows XP computer anymore, who link them to this site, then wind up spending a small fortune on this computer only to receive it and realize they have absolutely no idea how to use it. Then the grandkids suddenly are too busy to help them learn to use it even though they were the ones that suggested it in the first place.

A refurbished MacBook Pro costs $1500? This is no fault of Woot, (Apple is free to set their price to whatever) but anyone who buys this really needs to have a clear understanding of what they are buying.

Does grandma really need the best computer ever made to check her AOL mail 4 times a week? Is it worth grandpa having a major freak out when he can’t find the blue “e” to get to his “Yahoo”?

You kids should be ashamed of yourselves, trying to get them to buy this computer just so you don’t have to suffer embarrassment when your friends see your grandparent’s 2003 Dell Windows XP tower with 15" CRT monitor, that they are completely happy with even though they haven’t renewed their Norton Antivirus since 2005.


I’ve had my 17" MBP for 5+ years now and still works great…used daily. Worth the dough yo. :wink:


Actually, I’ve seen a lot of forum posts over the years from people saying a major reason they got a family member a Mac was because they knew it would significantly reduce their role as the family tech support desk. :slight_smile:


What’s the deal with 17" laptops? Not that I’m an Apple fan but it seems like most of your deals are on 17". I’m looking for a 14-15 high specs and maybe I’m missing them outside of wootoffs but seems like I never see them. I have an old 17" and I HATE the size… My HP has lasted me 6 years but is starting to have some issues but I want to drop to 15 and non-Apple.


So it IS Apple that is doing the refurb? I must’ve missed that while reading it.


It’s on the Features tab of the sales detail page:

Please note that these are APPLE RECERTIFIED MacBooks with a full ONE YEAR APPLE WARRANTY

Now, go buy 3. :tongue:


What “debate”? And who’s “worked up” about it, before you posted? Was this reply all ready in the queue 3 years ago or something? Because it sounds very dated. :wink:


I wanted to chime in on this. I spent $1200 on a laptop (not a mac) a little over 2 years ago. I wanted the best of the best, it was top of the line and still plays new releases on high settings. If I could do it over again, I’d much rather have gotten a mid-range and have $600 for a new laptop whenever that one died. Don’t get me wrong, I love this laptop, it’s served me well since I’ve had it except for one issue which the Dell tech came to my house to fix, but Like you said as far as upgrades go, I feel like I probably would’ve been better off buying a mid-range laptop instead of top of the line.


I’m curious. Since you converted from PC to Apple, what are the main advantages you see? Buying an Apple laptop for $1500 vs. buying what appears to me a computer with better specs (larger hard drive, etc.) for around $400 is a huge difference. What are the big advantages?