Apple 17" Quad-Core i7 MacBook Pro

**Item: **Apple 17" Quad-Core i7 MacBook Pro
Price: $1,499.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Will this work with my mac?

Will it work with my PC?

Or will a casefight ensue?

This thing is awesome. A guy I work with has it.

Just upgrade it to 8 Gb of RAM ($50 at Newegg or Crucial) and it’ll handle anything you can possibly throw at it.

Photoshop, an IDE and web server and database all at the same time, and it just won’t slow down.

It even sounds good. Seriously. It’s a huge upgrade from my 2-core 13" one.

And it’s something like $1000 less than the new one (with an SSD the same size).

Glad you decided to compare apples to apples

additional info can be found on the G0M3BLL/A over at

So is this like a 17" TV here on

A refurb… and it’s “only” $1600?

Amazing tht anyone has that kinda money to spend on what should be under $1k worth of hardware but for the brand.

OTOH, people overpay for fashion clothing and shoes all the time, so why not on fashion computers.

Exactly! Also, why would I pay double the price for something with a netbook-sized keyboard? I have man hands, and need a grown-up sized keyboard. Is it a bad computer? No, of course not, but you can get soooo much more for sooo much less if you aren’t hung up on being a Mac fanboy.

Here is a review from PC Mag

Will it work for food?

Way to hit the nail on the head. Completely mind-blowing that anyone would pay $1500+ for a refurbished laptop. This one is for the people who are desperate for image.

This is on the G0M3BLL/A model:

  • Originally released on Feb 2011 here are some comparisons with current Apple Laptops:

1-Apple doesnt make 17 inches screen laptops anymore. Now you can only get 13 or 15.4 inches max. A refurb is the only way to get a 17in screen from Apple now.

2-Resolution (native) is 1990x1200. Today’s smaller screen is only 1440x900 - which sells new for $1700. You can get higher resolution on the 15in screen (and 13) but ONLY if you go for the retina display which has 2880x1800 but go for $2100 - $2700+ - Otherwise you get 1440x900.

3- The CPU speed of the new 15.4 inch (NON-retina) is the same 2.3GHz and i7 processors as this one. The expensive RETINA models are faster at 2.4GHZ and 2.7 (but again are over $2100-$2700)

4- Memory is expandable to 8Gb ($50 at Crucial)

5-It comes with Lion (or 10.7) operating system (the current version is Mountain Lion or 10.8) - you can upgrade easily to Mountain Lion.

If this came with the older (10.6) Snow Leopard version of the OS, I would jump on it. Snow Leopard was Apple’s fastest, smallest footprint operating system. It screams. I’m NOT a fan of neither Lion or Mountain Lion. They have added tons of ways to post to FB, tweeter, etc and make it more iPhone compatible which is good for some but for me on a computer I just want speed.

This purchase is eligible for Apple Care which is optional (will cost you extra),. AppleCare is Apple’s own guarantee (which is a very good thing for an apple product).

Hope this helps you decide.

In general Apples are much faster processing photos and videos. But they definitely cost extra.

Very helpful/useful info, GreatJorge! Thanks. I think I’m gonna get me one, despite the lack of Snow Leopard. :-p

(BTW, I’m not doing it for the label, guys! I’m probably not as nerdy as some on this site, but I did graduate from a nerdy Tech college and owned/used PCs only for 15+ years, then got tired of them crashing and bugging out and got a MacBook in 2009 – I think maybe it’s crashed once in 4+ years! I love it.)

“Apple. Think Different.”

I am still using a 13 Inch Aluminum Unibody (the first generation before it went pro).
I Upgraded to 6GB ram, a 500GB SSD in the primary HD slot and replaced the cd rom with another 500GB SSD. The 13 inch is running Mountain Lion and is back to speed.
Now Why am I saying this, I am sure this 17incher will serve you for a LOOOONG time. The expense seems a bit steep, which is normal for Apple, but you get years out of this piece of hardware.
I got mine in 2008, 5 years ago and it is still competitive.
If you need a laptop and have the cash this is an awesome unit.
The only complaint I have are the somewhat ‘sharp’ edges. When I type and rest my hands on the body, the edges are turning uncomfortable fast. This 17 inch laptop has the same exterior built.

Get the Apple Care from eBay you will safe a mint!

The Apple Care will guarantee you a working computer for 3 years,assuming you are not using the MacBook as a frisbee trying to shape the exterior to your liking!

If I spend this much money, I want to make sure I am able to use it for years.

=> Apple Care highly recommended!

I know lots of people who have grabbed these before they are gone for this very reason. It’s also worth noting that this machine was much better built than the following MBP model.

A brand new chip set was just released from Intel and announced at WWDC. This new chip set was built from the ground up and uses 50% less power without any performance loss. This is a big reason to wait and buy a later model since this is mobile technology. By November the whole Mac lineup will have the new chips.

The low max RAM is also a factor with the release of Mavericks.

what the hell, $112 tax?