Apple 17" Quad-Core i7 MacBook Pro

**Item: **Apple 17" Quad-Core i7 MacBook Pro
Price: $1,499.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Lot’s of additional info on the productpage

Since Apple is no longer producing 17" laptops, they are going to get harder and harder to find.

Is this compatible with my windows mouse?

Just my 2 cents, but the components you are getting in a macbook pro like this is just nowhere near worth the $1500 price tag. Nowhere near.

It’s basically a $600-$800 laptop in terms of components, so you are paying the rest for the style and the operating system. Not worth it.

Will this run DOS?

Probably. If you look hard enough, you can still find PS/2 adapters.

Glossy. Dealbreaker.

Is this eligible for AppleCare?

Yes it will, but you have to put it in a virtual machine.

So perhaps you can tell me what $600-$800 laptop has an all aluminum body? I find that the durability of the MacBookPro, in this aspect is well worth the premium. I have one for more than three years, and lug it back and forth every day. It’s been dropped, kicked, and tossed around, and works like a champ. The battery still lasts about five hours too!

AGREED. Once you go Mac you NEVER go back!!!

No Model Number at Woot, and is that even the real product image?

Newegg has a 17 inch MacBook Pro for $100 less and without tax at least for me here in NY. Free shipping as well.

I wonder if it is the same or even a newer one. Compared to the product image it surely is.

Apple MacBook Pro MC725LL/A Macbook Intel Core i7 2.20GHz 17.0" Wide UXGA 4GB Memory 750GB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW AMD Radeon HD 6750M

[MOD: Ours is FC725LL/A.

Yep. Per the features:

AppleCare protection plan eligible (not included)

Woot has the model number up now. Looks like they’re the same except the woot one is Apple Certified Refurbished with the 1 year warranty whereas the newegg one just has a 90 day limited warranty.

Appears to be an early 2011 model and not the latest 17" version. Last one offered was a 2.5 GHz i7 processor late 2011. Would have been nice to see a 7200 HD too.

Or you can run it using Boot Camp.

Didn’t have to go very far:
This is smaller, lighter, has a 256 gb SSD, USB 3.0, and despite being only 1600 x 900 resolution- it’s on a 13.3 inch screen which gives it a higher pixel density than today’s laptop (138ppi vs 133ppi). It weighs 2.87 lbs vs 6.6 lbs for that big old Mac and it has better battery life.