Apple 2-Meter USB/Lightning Cable 3-Pack

I have an Otterbox case on my iPhone 6 and certain cables (3’rd party) on the iPhone end are a little bigger and rounded, instead of flat. Those cables will not make a connection to the iPhone through the caser. From the pictures, I cannot tell where that end is rounded or flat.

I got some of these when they were offered a couple months ago. I thought they were official apple products. But that’s ridiculous, since apple never discounts anything this deeply. They don’t work. When I plug them in, I get a message that says the cable or device is not certified, and may not work reliably. They won’t charge our devices, so DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE. The bricks, on the other hand, seem to work fine.


ive ordered a lot of these and i dont think they are genuine or even good copies because they have stopped working for me within a week as my phone will detect them as non-genuine and will not accept a charge through the cable

I bought this last time they were up, two out of the three did not work.

I had a couple that worked initially, then they just worked sporadically, then after the last iOS update they stopped working completely.

It’s unconscionable for woot to continue to peddle these.

Same here. I ordered the 2 pack last time they were offered. Both have crapped out on me already. I don’t believe they’re genuine apple cords.