Apple 2-Meter USB to Lighting Cable 3-Pack

Who manufactured these cables? If not Apple Inc., are they certified MFI (made for iPhone/Pad) by Apple?

I’m asking because I’ve had numerous experiences with non-MFI cables failing quickly after purchase.


I’ve had the same experience; buying “Apple” cables that turn out to not be compatible.
Are these real or just impostors?

I don’t know if these are real Apple cables are not. But it is not reassuring that Woot has labelled them all as “Lighting” cables. That should “Lightning” woot. Lightning. Lightning. Lightning.

Says “90 Day Apple” warranty. This would imply genuine, yes?

If it isn’t in an Apple box, there is no way to know who made it.

These are authentic Apple cables in bulk packaging.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

My wife needs one as hers just messed up a few days ago. Do these work with an iphone 6? I loathe Crapple and would never buy their overpriced BS…but my wife lives and dies by them…so if it fits I’ll buy a pack.

Yes. The lightning cable hasn’t changed for the various iPhone/iPad models.

So is Apple introducing a new format and making these obsolete soon?

Someone commented the last time this were up, saying they are in bulk packaging because they didn’t past testing standards at the factory. And people commented saying that the majority of the cables you get don’t last long (if they even work).