Apple 2-Meter USB to Lighting Cable 3-Pack

DO NOT buy these.

They are NOT Apple products. They were made in China.

They WILL screw up your phone/ipad/ipod.

I used these in my iphone. Now if I use any of my authentic apple cables they fall out easily. I have to wedge it up against a wall to keep it in.

These ARE Apple; additionally, they have an Apple warranty.

Don’t buy these! I bought them from Woot a month or so ago. They were labeled Apple. They DO NOT WORK with my iPad. They charging ding just goes on and off and on and off. They completely mess with my computer when I tried to sync to it. They did work for my iPhone 5 but I worry that they are not right. These belong in your bag o crap.

So are these different from the ones that were sold here about a month ago? The reason I ask is because I bought what I thought was a 3-pack of genuine Apple lightening cables but they do not work when I try to charge my iPhone 6 Plus from my Macbook Pro.