Apple 2016 9.7" 32GB iPad Pro - Space Gray

Apple 2016 9.7" 32GB iPad Pro - Space Gray

This supports the apple pencil, but it doesn’t come with one. I’m trying to justify a purchase here. though doubtful.

Still rocking my 1st gen 9.7 at work daily. Hasn’t slowed up a bit, is the workhorse in my workflow, I’ll buy a brand new pro the day this thing finally kicks the bucket or at least becomes more of a hassle than its worth. For now though, I’ve been using this thing close to 5 days a week for 5 years running now - IMO a great buy even factoring in the cost to get a pencil.

P.S. Pro tip: get a little silicone topper to hold the cap on while you charge your pencil, you’ll regret not doing it the first time you lose your cap.

only 32 GB is kind of a deal breaker, especially without expandable memory. im not trying to rely on my icloud 24/7

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Interesting. So at $240, assuming you get a good condition one…

For comparison, we’re currently using iPad 6’s (2018) that came out two years later and have the A10 cpu vs this iPad Pro A9X cpu. Our iPads are still performing snappy and responsive. No complaints at all.

Spec-wise they’re very similar. Both are Apple Pencil compatible. But the iPad Pro 9.7 has much nicer cameras and 4-speaker sound vs 2-speakers.

So if a key use case for you is streaming video and/or Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/MS Meetings then this might be a useful buy. But note most remote meeting software limits the video to 720p or less anyway.

Aside from the battery, the other concern would be when iOS (now iPadOS) upgrades would cease. While the tablet market has mostly matured and performance changes from year to year are slowing, extending the life of newer tablets, this model is on the earlier edge of that maturity curve. This model might get one or two more iOS upgrades. And you can typically safely run a year or two after that before your apps get abandoned. And at that point the hardware would likely feel sluggish anyway.

Put another way, the latest brand new iPad 8 has a regular street price of $300, has the A12 cpu vs A9X cpu, and is likely good for at least 3-5 iOS upgrades. Tough call. You could get lucky and they battery will be fine. A proper battery replacement by Apple is $99.

BTW, For most mainstream users, 32GB on an iPad is fine if you primarily stream, do internet, email, etc…