Apple 2018 13.3" MacBook Air Notebooks

Apple 2018 13.3" MacBook Air Notebooks

Guess we won’t be seeing any good Cyber Monday deals on Woot this year.

Not sure where you can find a refurbished by Apple macbook air for less then 650. The step up to 256GB is not worth the $150 but the 128GB model is well worth the asking price

“Guess I won’t be seeing any Cyber Monday deals that appeal to me personally on Woot this year.”

BOGO Shirt items and an all time low on that Bidet model seem pretty good to me, personally, hence I boughted dem. Also the Deal-O-Meter pencils - I bought three. So far. And then there’s a Woot-Off tomorrow.


Amazon was selling this new for $650 on Friday. Three days ago.

How is this a good deal?

Thats the older generation

Penn reel was 75 and 79 and now is in the 90s.
CRKT knives at standard pricing, pretty much been off and on for months.
Shirt.Woot has been pushing BOGO / Deal for a while now; personally no interest but I get it.
The Pencils are an item that show up on Groupon all the time for $17 and offer a 20% coupon code often, lowest price ever was $4 on Amazon in 2017, I would consider that a stellar deal.
The Bidet was $20 more last black Friday on Amazon. I suppose I started ignoring these deals since there is at least a bidet on here a week. I suppose I need more toilets in my house to enjoy the deal.
The LancerHead mouse is a decent deal, but it’s the 2nd time it’s been offered and didn’t seem to draw a huge crowd either.

As for the Laptop, you can get it brand new from Micro Center or Costco for $780. Personally I’d rather pay the $100 for the latest model that isn’t a refurb and hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse stock.

If you want the Refurb version, just order from Amazon and get it faster, it’s the same price lol.

So I suppose it depends on your perspective of what constitutes a cyber monday deal.

That’s the older 2017 model with the slower processor. Only bursts to 2.9ghz. Woot one for same price has the newer processor (which is the same for both 2018 and 2019 MBA revs) which bursts to 3.6ghz and is pretty snappy.

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Mate, everyone knows Apple refurbished is pretty much new

Makes sense, I noticed that after the fact.

Also not a bad deal on a bidet, but I believe the one on Woot may be nicer.

Good thing they’re having a Woot Off later.

People will be impulsively purchasing things.

Impulse buying is Woot to it’s core. I totally support that. Last year’s Cyber Monday was worse.

As per tradition, it should be the Worst Woot-Off Ever. This is the Way.


It WILL be the worst one ever.

Only to be outdone by the following one, which will be outdone by the following one, etc…

Its like the “Buy Now” button on Amazon. You can buy anything with a literal click. Impulse buying at its finest…

All Woot Offs are good Woot Offs. I’d rather watch deals fly by for hours and buy nothing than stare at the same product line ups over and over personally.

I am disappointed in the Penn Reel. No idea why that would jump so much in price, twice. Seems penny squeezing.

Chef Sharpener is a good price given it’s history, but we literally see it weekly within $10 range for months. It’s like the Dyson vacuum, except the Dyson is overpriced refurb that is beaten in value by Dyson directly new.

Any estimate on Woot-Off start time? I typically am a 1 AM EST viewer to catch the first deals posted. Might be asleep by the time it starts sadly.

Can you get AppleCare for these?

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I’m sure these are 3rd party refurbished.

Beware most cheap MacBook/Pro on woot would have a manufacturing date 78-4-1, which means they’re ASIS machines from Apple. Apple knowingly dumped these machines that were refurbished, usually have brand new shell, but still doesn’t reach their quality standard. Some are time bombs waiting to detonate. You can use some lookup service to find their real manufacturing date, refurbished date, and how they failed quality control.
Don’t get me wrong, I personally buy these machines too, they’re great value if everything are fine and they are not at woot’s asking price (woot’s price on these MacBook Pros are comically bad deal), but when things go south, you won’t get covered, even Apple quality program won’t take your machine (like for the faulty keyboard)
For these Air though, $150 lower than brand new machine with 1 year woot warranty makes them kind of palatable. But still, know what you’re getting into. And don’t eat cookies near it.


We are in the holiday spirit and have lowered the price on the 256GB models from $799.99 to $749.99! Buy ALL the Macbooks!

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.