Apple 2018 13.3" MacBook Air Notebooks

So is the product being offered today the same as the one below being offered from Apple’s website?

Ours is late 2018. That one is “Originally released July 2019”

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Similar, but the one you listed is the latest 2019 generation (slight changes to keyboard, screen brightness, etc), whereas this deal is for the late 2018 version. This site outlines the differences pretty well.

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Does anyone know about the housing on these? Are there dents and scratches?

There might be a random scratch here or there but since it’s an Apple refurbished item, it should be in pretty good shape.

If you’re not happy with it, you can return it by contacting Woot CS.

Would you recommend this over the 2017 version on Amazon for the same price?

Sorry, I’m not a mac person. I’m Windows all the way.

You’re going to start a war.

I am just wondering about the comparison in the 2 different models (2017 and 2018) and if anyone has a preference in the two.

Hello, I’ve never owned a Mac before but I’m considering getting one of these to see what they’re like and for browsing/email/etc. when I travel, and I have a question. With Windows, if I [when I inevitably] screw things up, I can reinstall with a Windows disc or stick. How does that happen with a Mac? Is it different with the MBA, or, perhaps more importantly, a refurb? Does it come with a Mac OS disc or something like that? Or would I need to purchase that separately?

It’s unlikely that you would need to (I’ve had Macs for over 10 years), but if you need to re-install the OS, it can be downloaded:

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Can someone from Woot staff please answer rkamennsky’s question?:
“Can you get AppleCare for these?”

Are purchasers of these units able to purchase Apple’s additional “AppleCare+” from Apple, to further extend warranty?

Thank you.

No, AppleCare is not available for these items.

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The 2018 is a complete redesign and is vastly superior to the 2017 version.


If it is refurbished by apple, why does it not come with the apple one year warranty?

We get a better price this way.

ok ill buy one

I’m confused… you say they are Apple Refurbished, but Per apples website and their CS, Apple refurbished items are never scratched and come as if they were new. If these truly are Apple refurbished, they would not come with any cosmetic defects.

What are the odds we’ll see a deal like this again for 2018 laptops? My current laptop just died on me, and I’m kicking myself for not getting one earlier so I can make it through finals season at university…