Apple 2019 15" Intel i7 & i9 MacBook Pros

Apple 2019 15" Intel i7 & i9 MacBook Pros

Is this the version with the keyboard issue?

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Yup. Every 15" after 2015 has the butterfly switches. The 16" (2019) and the just released 13" (2020) have the good keyboards.


Hello is my first time in this website. What your experience? I’m thinking about buy this Mac

What’s the keyboard issue?

EDIT: Found this good article on it from MacRumors

2019 model has a new membrane that is supposed to help alleviate the problem. Apple is offering free repairs for anyone experiencing issues.

They randomly scream, or moan, when you type.


That’s a bug? Seems like a feature to me


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Can we all just take a moment to truly appreciate the description of this deal… I mean I know they usually bring their A-game with those but I found this one particularly enjoyable!


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Yes. I have this laptop and a a 13" MBP with the butterfly keyboard. It is the worst designed keyboard. EVER. The keys constantly get stuck. Do yourself a favor and get a new 13" MBP or a 16" which have the updated keyboard.

Recent deal that was available, is no longer currently.

TLDR, this price is pretty garbage.

H.H. Gregg via Google Shopping has Apple MacBook Pro 16" Laptop (Late 2019, MVVL2LL/A, Silver or Space Gray) on sale for $2148 - $168 when you apply promo code XTKYWQ at checkout = $1980 . Shipping is free . Thanks iconian


  • Intel Core i7 2.6GHz 6-Core Processor
  • 16" 3072x1920 IPS Retina Display
  • 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory
  • 512GB Solid State Drive
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5300M w/ 4GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Touch Bar
  • Touch ID sensor
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5.0
  • macOS Catalina
  • Ports
    • 4x Thunderbolt 3 via USB Type-C (Supports DisplayPort and Power Delivery)
  • 100 Wh Li-Poly Battery
  • 4.3 lbs

Not available anymore from that link for either Silver or Space Gray.

Plus you’re comparing different products.

HHGreg item is an i7 with 512GB.

The one on woot that is an i7 only comes with 256GB for $1580.
The other version is an i9 with 512GB for $1850.

It’s not an Apples to Apples comparison.

I hate myself a little for making that statement.


Are these AppleCare eligible?

No, sorry. They are not eligible for AppleCare.

LOL - I missed that until your comment at the end. :laughing:


Would the Woot warranty cover problems with the keyboard ?

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If is not functional, yes. If it’s a PIA because of the design, you’ve got a 30-day return period to decide.

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To all those asking if AppleCare will cover an unresponsive keyboard (as in dust/dirt causing a key failure that compressed air won’t fix), the answer is yes. But the better question is what will you do when the AppleCare expires because this keyboard will keep failing and however many times it is replaced, it’s still a piece of shit. Apple charges $700 for the repair while 3rd-party repair shops (like DTTService) charge about $200. The cost difference is because Apple replaces the entire upper case while DTTService can drill out the rivets and attach a new keyboard. BUT the keyboard is still a butterfly-mechanism type and, as such, it will continue to fail. Anyone who buys one of these after reading this deserves all the tsuris they get.

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Per the article I linked:

What do I do if my butterfly keyboard fails?

Regardless of which MacBook, ‌MacBook Air‌, or ‌MacBook Pro‌ you have, you should contact Apple support or visit an ‌Apple retail‌ store for repair options. Now that all butterfly keyboards are covered, customers with an affected machine will have no problem getting a fix.

Apple is prioritizing MacBook and ‌MacBook Pro‌ keyboard repairs and requiring ‌Apple retail‌ staff to perform the repairs in store rather than sending machines off to a repair facility, which takes days. Apple is now aiming to offer next-day turnaround time MacBook and ‌MacBook Pro‌ keyboard replacements, which should improve the inconvenience of repairs.