Apple 20GB iPod by HP

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Apple 20GB iPod by HP
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple 4th Gen 20GB iPod by HP - PE435A#ABA

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“Refurbished” = not worth it imo.


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do not want, old!!!

Refurb…Awesome. I’ll stick with my Zune. Thanks

I’ll stick to Archos

Not a video ipod, I’ll pass, but good price for a refurb 20gb

HP + Apple = Just don’t do it

I didn’t know you could still buy these things

HP did the rebranded iPod for hooooow long?

Wait, what does HP have to do with a refurb iPod?

Whoa I didn’t know HP had anything to do with apple. Is this a typo or a company merger ?

AN IPOD!? a REAL ipod!? on woot!?
i never thought i would see the day…

jaw dropzzz an iPod? jaw stays stuck to ground Not a bad woot… I’d take it if I didn’t already have one…

No. I have resisted this long. I choose not the fruit of sin.

Not much of a good deal seeing that this is a refurb. Oh, but wait, it is compatable with the Mac.

I like my Zune, no thanks

WOW! I know a lot of people who were wondering when this day would come :). Not the latest and greatest, not to mention refurb, but still, its an ipod, and thats a first.

Cool. Take a POS MP3 made by a crappy company and sell it refurbed at the price of the last 40GB side deal that was new. Sounds like a great deal.

Yeah, What a great deal… now that I’ve got two of them one for me and my wife…