Apple 20GB iPod by HP

After turning down all the accessories, I can’t bring myself to buy a lonely ipod with no little buddies for it to play with, sorry.

wife asks if this is a good price

by hp?


hahahah third ipod in woot history?

finally something worthwhile

aren’t these outdated by the NANO?

You can get an Apple Certified Refurbished iPod for not much more, of a recent generation, with a 1-year warranty. Skip this one.

this one is still newer then my current ipod :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one, works great, this is a good deal. Don’t listen to the iPod haters.

Not to bad. Not many people actually use the videos on theirs but everyone already has one. Everyone except my grandmother and if she wants it, she can buy it herself.

if it was a newer generation… maybe… and whats up with the HP on the end?

My Mom keeps buying me IPODS I have them ALL - move on.

This is a durable one though

Never take an HP Ipod to an Apple store… they will laugh at you and tell you that they don’t service them if you have an issue.

to old for me, give me a new one, and im game!

No Way! $99 for a 20 gig is too high. Next…

The new Nano up on woot sellout was wayyy better two weeks ago.

I’d stay totally away from a refurbished iPod with only a 90 day warranty. I had two of them crap out. The third one finally lasted past the 1 year warranty I had.

Does it work on my ipod?

oh wait, its an ipod