Apple 20GB iPod by HP

Apple’s stuff is all proprietary…no thanks

nothing says “broken in 2 weeks” like REFURB!

all you need is iTunes (free) and can use on any computer with xp or higher at the very least, and of course mac’s

Same price on Woot 5 months ago

Hey I have some button topper thingys from sellout.woot a few months back. Actually I have 15 of them.

Zune was earlier.

HP bundled relabeled Ipods with their computers for a while. it was some sort of cooperation idea between them and Apple.
needless to say it didn’t work too well

If you’re cleaning out the warehouse? I’m looking for a 1967 Corvette.

Not a deal!

Non-removable battery
Propriatary software

3 Strikes!!! You’re OUT!!

got one last year,iam surprised that they still want 100.00 bucks,thats what I paid.should be last now

Darn it, Woot is trying to play with my mind. APPLE MAKES iPODS, HP MAKES COMPUTERS AND PRINTERS!

By HP???

Lot of Memory for the dollar. But you can get a “used” newer model Ipod for a little more.

more razer mice please. i need one and missed it earlier

Yes I was… but according to many people, its an ipod, so it must be better

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Apple 20GB iPod by HP
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple 4th Gen 20GB iPod by HP - PE435A#ABA

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wait a minute, everyone complains that they only have ipod accessories and zunes and once they put an ipod up everyone complains??? Don’t envy your job woot customer service.

better than my 3rd gen… but still too costly for a refurb 4th gen… if it were say an ipod touch or a purty black 6th gen… then that’d be lots better… oh well maybe next time woot :-p