Apple 21.5" iMac 1TB (Late 2012)

Apple 21.5" iMac 1TB (Late 2012)


With Apple’s latest announcement this device now has ~2 more years of updates from Apple before the device goes End of Life. This means no more security updates / bug fixes / etc will be released for this device. If you are looking for an Apple device that will receive updates and support for several more years, this is not what you’re looking for.

Anything prior to 2017 will not be able to update to MacOS Ventura which was recently announced.



It has to be better than a WOW computer that my parents use.


I bought the late 2013 model a few months back from here just so I could play around on Logic, and it has been perfect for that. Mine even came with a bonus, someone had upgraded the ram already. Hooked it up to a couple of subwoofers and speakers and it is now my funnest setup that I barely have enough free time to enjoy.

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WOW computer?

For stuff like that, this is a good machine.

My fear is that someone buys this expecting it to last 8+ years to do online banking / billpay / financial management.

I know it is REALLY late, but I finally looked up wow computer. Never knew that was a thing.

Not later than me - I just googled it.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean it will not be able to do those thing in 8+ years. Correct?

You win!

Apple stops supporting older products by generation. So there will come a time when the computer cannot be updated anymore, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t use it.

Even if it does, you do NOT want to use a computer/phone/etc. that isn’t receiving security updates and patches.

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Why? I kind of lean on retailers to keep security on orders I place with them.

Buried in the FAQ – its specifications:

Processor Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor
Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive 32 GB SSD Flash Drive

In other words, sub-$100 Chromebook components with a touchscreen that they’re selling for $1200.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

What? This comment makes no sense.

How so? If I just enter my information through their secure ordering system what issues could I expect?

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Not understanding the issue here. You are out and that is fine by me. Not everyone lives a life on the computer or phone.

I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not so here goes.

You enter the information into those forms by using a phone or computer, tablet, etc. Therefore if your internet device isn’t secure, your information isn’t secure.

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No. I’m not trolling. I thought if you used the ordering systems through a secure site, such as WOOT, your information was secure and didn’t really rely on your device.