Apple 27" iMac 512GB MXWU2LL/A (2020)

Apple 27" iMac 512GB MXWU2LL/A (2020)

Hopefully not the same “refurbisher” here as for the Woot-linked mother Amazon 1-star reviews! Ouch!

We’re considering something I didn’t think we’d ever do - moving our laptops and desktops from Windows machines to Apple MacOS machines.

And Microsoft has only itself to blame.

For rendering otherwise - runs Windows 10 perfectly fine and snappy - hardware obsolete with the Windows 11 leap to much, much steeper specification requirements. And for the warm embrace of Google Android.

We have a 2nd Gen Intel i5 cpu machine (and several various later gens, but beneath Windows 11 reqs) that run great. Come 2025 (Microsoft desupport of Win10), those otherwise operational PCs will be rendered curb junk.

We run 100% Apple iOS and iPadOS for mobile and love it. But avoided the Apple laptop and desktop stuff due to the even steeper price premium. And Windows stuff worked fine.

Our daughter was given a 2020 (new M1 cpu) MacBook Air by her university. But since she’s in the Engineering School, we bought her a nicely spec’d Windows laptop. So I’ve been using the MacBook Air.

Of course the Apple hardware is beautiful and battery life is perpetual, but what surprised me was how much MacOS has improved. And the seamless integration with our mobile devices is wonderful. Meanwhile, Microsoft abandoned the mobile market and bandaged in (threw in the towel?) Google Android mobile with Windows 11, further driving us away. Really Microsoft? What were you thinking???

So over the next four years we will be watching Refurb Apple laptops and desktops for the right deals that remove some of the price premium sting.

Nicely done, Microsoft - have you discovered the Apple double agent plant in your executive ranks yet? :sunglasses:

I don’t recommend buying refurb Macs at all unless it’s from Apple themselves or a proven Apple-specific refurb house like OWC or Mac Of All Trades. Most other refurb units are done by companies that refurb a wide array of products and don’t specialize in Macs. Most of them will do a power on test but no internal inspection or long term burn-in.

Source: I am a refurb tech among my other duties at one of my jobs, and while I know I’m experienced enough with Macs to trust my own refurbs, I’ve come across so, so many bad refurb Macs (and PCs!) through the years that I’ve learned who to buy from and who to avoid.

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