Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display

I have one and love it. It’s not as nice as the new “5K iMac” but then not much else matches that display.

What’s nice about this is it’s also a docking station for a Macbook. It provides power and Thunderbolt to the Macbook, and ethernet, USB, Thunderbolt and Firewire from the display.

So tempted… but this display is really out dated for the price.

Meanwhile my Mac Pro is running on a cheap chinese samsung knockoff that won’t “wake up” after it’s gone to sleep.

With so many 4K excellent monitors made by third parties these days, how can apple still try to sell these out dated over priced items?

This is one of the best purchase to complete a very decent computer based music playback system. Mac Pro with Corning Thunderbolt 30m, this display and Corning USB3 to the DAC. Or if you like the screen to be near the DAC, you can opt for the Firewire connection.

Does it come with a mouse/mouse pad and a keyboard?

This is a monitor, not a computer.