Apple 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

what does the one year protection cover?

If you click on the Buy Now on the SquareTrade, you’ll go to the SqTr site where you can find more information about what’s covered.

Can anyone comment to the amount/degree of scratches, dents, and dings. I can understand a little dulling of the new glass shine, but a big rainbow showing gouge or scratch, or a dulling of the screen so that it’s opaque is unreasonable. How bad can these be?

I would avoid these and go to the apple site and buy one of their refurbs for a bit more - they look great and have 1 yr warranty included. I have bought three direct from Apple and they are all still going great

Uh, $130 isn’t a “bit more”, that’s 60% more.

I took the dive. For $199, I can deal with some scratches and dents. I will take a few pictures of the tablet when it arrives, and share my experience if anyone would like to check back after the sale. I understand that it will be gone by the time my tablet arrives, but maybe I can help clear up some doubt for future purchases.

These are ios 5. I believe they are running ios 10 plus now. how compatible are they with programs like current garage band ios 8?


iOS 10 plus? What?

The iPad 2 is compatible with iOS 8, which is the latest version of iOS at this time. 8.1.1 improved performance of older devices under iOS 8 and it’s generally still useable, just not quite as snappy as it once was.

I’m using an ipad 2 right now to type this. I love this dumb thing. I’m running on iOS 8.2. ( the latest update). Just thought I’d through that it in there. I got mine from the actual Apple store a hundred years ago though.

I’m guessing you don’t need a phone plan for these to work, right? We are happy with our iPad 2’s, bought refurb’d and with the Apple Education Store discount. They have been through hard use with my two kids who have multiple disabilities and are still running (with one exception, read on). IMHO, a super good case that protects the entire device is better than Square Trade or Apple Care and costs much less. My daughter has the Triden Kraken on her two year old iPad 2 and never any problems. Both kids are fully updated and running iOS 8.2. My son is a bit harder on his device and we’ve found saliva is quite a good conductor of electricity, so he friend his after two years. It’s been replaced with basically the same device and put into a better case than the M-Edge foamy one he had. Working great. These devices are well worth what we paid for them and we expect to get a few more years of good use from them. Apple “done good” with the iPad 2.

Can the 3G be use with the carrier of your choice, or you have to use AT&T exclusively?

I bought two iPads from Woot for my kids Christmas in July. I didn’t think to open the box and check them out because they were listed in the sell as “refirbished,” but buyer beware…

One of the iPads that were “refurbished" was bent. The mute button has play in it and just falls from one side to the other because it’s bent pretty bad. There are scratches all over the thing, and on both iPads the previous owners information was left on the iPad.

I have purchased two new iPads to replace the ones purchased from Woot because of the condition of the damaged ipad. These were gifts from Santa so we didn’t have another option.

“Refurbished” to some mean different than “refurbished” to others. My wife bought me a refurbished MacBook Pro from Apple for my wedding present years ago and it was like brand new. Never had an issue and didn’t have a single scratch on it.

The “refurbished/reconditioned” iPads Woot is offering are junk and you should be very cautious with your money. You have a better bet buying from ebay where the seller can be held accountable for selling trash labeled as “refurbished.”

In both cases of iPads purchased from Woot, one iPad was damaged, but both had previous owners personal information, pictures, and data on them. Beware when sending in your gadgets to companies that claim to wipe data for resale. These companies aren’t doing what they promise in these advertisements, as far as wiping all your personal data.

And I know… I should check the thing out before wrapping it up. But to my defense, when something it labeled "refurbished/reconditioned” it shouldn’t look like it has been to battle and the previous owners information and data should be gone. We now have about the same amount of money in the four iPads as we would have in two new ones.


I recently purchased an iPad 2 32GB + AT&T 3G from It was presented as refurbished in scratch and dent condition. Here are a few quick pictures I snapped before work of the condition. The tablet was factory reset and started new, with no previous owner information or data left on the tablet. The tablet came with a new Apple branded charger and 30-pin connector. It did not come with any documentation other than a piece of paper with a picture of the iPad, mapping the buttons, and a link to the Apple site where documentation can be downloaded. The iPad is in working condition, had no stutter or issues connecting to WiFi. It logged in and downloaded applications within 5 minutes of the box being opened. I have not logged in to buy 3G service yet, so I can’t comment on whether or not there is something wrong with the cellular antenna. The volume rocker was bent, with signs that the screen was removed. Both bottom corners have noticeable dots along the aluminum frame and signs of screen removal. All buttons function properly and do not stick. Very minor scratches on the screen itself, and a few scratches on the back of the iPad. The 30-pin connector fit and charged immediately without any wiggling. The iPad arrived 95% charged.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Whether or not I lucked out on my purchase, we’ll never know unless some one else posts a review!

Good luck, and happy wooting!