Apple 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

You can get an iPad 4 w/Retina for $20 more on CowBoom, or even a 32GB iPad 3 w/4G for a few bucks more.

iPad 2 is equivalent to an iPhone 4s… old and slow.

Not really much of a deal here on older electronics.

Do not buy this iPad. I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 8.1 and it completely destroyed my iPad. It is basically useless. Opening an app takes at least 20 seconds and half the time crashes before opening properly.

This is why I have not updated my iPad 2. It’s been on the old iOS forever. There are a few apps that have told me they won’t update if I don’t update my iPad but I don’t use those apps anyway. Now, if Minecraft requires the update at some point that may be a deal breaker because my 7 yr old would riot if that stopped working!

I wonder what would happen if it were updated to iOS 8.0? My two kids have iPad 2’s and are updated without any trouble, but we went through that one update at a time. Jumping from v.5 to v.8? I don’t know. And does it work without an AT&T contract? We’d prefer WiFi only.

The iPad 2 has been a solid workhorse for us. Our two iPads have lasted longer than my last laptop.

Old and slow? My (hand-me-down) iPhone4s is still running well.
I can’t speak for the “deals” on older electronics really but I think an iPad 2 is probably still quite functional for a lot of people.
It’s not like it’s a hardcore gaming computer that’s outdated.