Apple 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

My iPad 2 is completely unusable after updating to iOS 8. If you end up buying this iPad, make sure it never gets updated to iOS 8. Everyone I know that updated their iPad 2 to iOS 8 can’t use their iPad anymore. I lags for 5-10 seconds anytime you do anything on it.

For just a little more are the iPad 4 w/Retina Display and 4G on another big clearing house site.
If you don’t need cellular, there’s even better deals on much newer models to be had.

Do tell…

I would strongly advise anyone looking to not buy an iPad 2. It’s basically unusable on iOS 8.x.

My iPad 2 got over iOS 8’s issues and is completely functional. I have to share it but that means it’s being used for more than ten hours a day.
Though there were some issues with iOS 8, the later updates (.1,.2,.3) fixed all the problems I had with iOS 8(mainly it just got slow), and they also made those later updates more compact, need to free up less storage to update. If there’s a 5 - 10 second lag I don’t notice it…maybe because I’m nearly elderly (49).

I thought I would chime in. I had an experience yesterday which taught me allot. I just got my IPAD 2 back from a screen replacement service. $50 and I got like a brand new IPAD 2 (cosmetically). But before I sent it in I noticed that I was getting all these updates yet I couldn’t update any of the programs. Id press UPDATE and it would just open the program. Then I noticed that UPDATE ALL was greyed out. Research found out that Apple has gotten on the ball. This was one way to get people to UPDATE to 8.xx. I tried everything. I tried doing a manual Update to 8.1 not wanting to go to 8.2 cause you cannot Jailbreak. I spent hours. Bottom line they are making you go to 8. It sucks but be forewarned, this could happen to you as it has happened to many. So far my IPAD 2 is running OK on 8.2 except I’m noticing really slow charging. Could just be old battery. Anyway, my advice is free hope it helps.

that’s shouldn’t take too long for me to figure out, thanks for not being too vague.

well, I can’t figure it out so please tell me the name of the clearing house.