Apple 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G

A quick review of my last S&D iPad 2 Purchase from WOOT!

I don’t use my iPad too much, but it hasn’t given me any issues and is still working fine and holding a charge to this day.

Purchased 12/26/14:

I recently purchased an iPad 2 32GB + AT&T 3G from It was presented as refurbished in scratch and dent condition. Here are a few quick pictures I snapped before work of the condition. The tablet was factory reset and started new, with no previous owner information or data left on the tablet. The tablet came with a new Apple branded charger and 30-pin connector. It did not come with any documentation other than a piece of paper with a picture of the iPad, mapping the buttons, and a link to the Apple site where documentation can be downloaded. The iPad is in working condition, had no stutter or issues connecting to WiFi. It logged in and downloaded applications within 5 minutes of the box being opened. I have not logged in to buy 3G service yet, so I can’t comment on whether or not there is something wrong with the cellular antenna. The volume rocker was bent, with signs that the screen was removed. Both bottom corners have noticeable dots along the aluminum frame and signs of screen removal. All buttons function properly and do not stick. Very minor scratches on the screen itself, and a few scratches on the back of the iPad. The 30-pin connector fit and charged immediately without any wiggling. The iPad arrived 95% charged.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Whether or not I lucked out on my purchase, we’ll never know unless some one else posts a review!

Good luck, and happy wooting!

If this is the same iPad that Woot listed about a week ago, I got one. It’s in very good condition, just in case you’re worried about getting a refurb. There are minor dings on the corners, but other than that, it looks great.

Any clue as to the iOS version these may ship with?

Mine shipped with ios 8.2, and easily updated to 8.3

My last few orders from Woot have not been good. I received my iPad 2 refurb which was in really decent shape and was excited to begin setting it up. I looked it over to check for any major damage which I didn’t find any (one bad scratch across the camera lens but I don’t mind that). I noticed though that the details on the back said 16GB. I quickly jumped back on my order history to make sure I wasn’t mistaken, nope, I ordered a 32GB. I then thought, “Maybe they had to replace the back cover during the refurb…” (benefit of the doubt) checked the system memory, nope, 16GB iPad.

Obviously this is not what I ordered nor what I wanted. I contacted support and was offered a $20 refund if I kept this iPad or I had to go through the RMA process for a full refund and have nothing.

Now I’m rather angry so I asked customer service if they thought $20 was sufficient to cover a product that has literally half the capacity of what I ordered. I also asked that if the roles were reversed and they had sent me a 32GB iPad when I had ordered a 16GB would they accept $20 and call it even? I highly doubt that. Their response was to close my ticket and send me an RMA. This feels like an old-school bait and switch, hope the customer doesn’t notice and if they do, offer them just enough to get them to shut up.

I work in e-commerce and would be horrified if our customer service treated people like this.

I hope anyone else who bought this Woot has better results than I did.