Apple 32GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi

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Apple 32GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi
Price: $299.99
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Condition: New


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7/11/2014 - $299.99 - 47 comment(s)

Excellent price: $70 more in Amazon, $80 more in Walmart and $50 more in NEwegg. List price at Apple.
So it’s not the latest retina, but it is brand new (NOT refurb).

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon and even better reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

If it’s not retina, it’s not worth it. I’m not saying it’s not a good product. But if you are going to pump out a bunch of money for an apple product, do yourself a favor and get something with retina. It doesn’t seem like a big difference until you own a retina display. Speaking from personal experience, switching from a non-retina to retina screen, was like switching from night and day. It really improves ones overall experience.It’s your money. Do what you want.

For me a retina vs non retina was not that big of a deal. I own an ipad 2, 4 and Air. The 2 has been my favorite and the display compared to the 4 or air is not that huge of a difference.

For the money this is a great deal. Although not a retina it is new and it’s the cheapest I’ve seen.

I got the 16GB model for $199 at Target over Father’s Day weekend.

I feel like this is really underwhelming given the current Moofi offering.

I know just enough about computers to get by…which is not a lot. I know that my son loves Apple stuff and I know that he’s interested in buying an iPad AIR. I would like to buy one for him as a gift and wonder if this model is close to the AIR model. I would really appreciate any information that one of you “computer persons” can give me. Thanks in advance.

16GB is way too small considering ipads don’t have an expandable memory slot.

that is one of the biggest issues i have with many apple products.

we just bought a 16 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 that has the best tablet screen out there (beats retina easily)…and has expandable memory up to 128 GB with a micro sd card.

i just got a 32 GB one for under $20, so we have 48 GB to play with.

this is a really good price though. maybe i’ll tell my parents to get one. they’ve wanted a tablet for a while but didn’t want to spend a whole lot.

They can have old tech, they don’t know any better

It is a good product, but it is not the same as the Ipad Air. Different size and older technology. If your son is into technology, he will certainly no the difference.

If he wants an ipad air and you buy him this, he will really wish you hadn’t, regardless of what he says. This is smaller, has a lower resolution screen and a slower CPU. Offer to help him with some money toward what he really wants and he’ll be much happier.

To those folks tempted by 16 GB models at a lower price…

The higher camera resolution is what drove us into at least a 32 GB model like this Woot. We shoot a lot of photos - often to ‘scan’ documents or share them.

We had no problem with 16 GB on the lower resolution camera iPad 2 and iPhone 4 because those photos didn’t take up as much space.

But when the camera jumped to 5 Megapixels like this Woot we noticed we were regularly bumping up against the 16 GB limit.

BTW, this Woot model is big improvement over the iPad 2 for photo quality.

Don’t do it. The “air” is an apple laptop where the item for sale today is an iPad. If your son asked for an “Air” he means an Airbook. Anything in apple called a book is a laptop. For starters the Air has a keyboard and a mouse and this doesn’t. Today’s price for an iPad is EXCELLENT (lowest ever anywhere) but it is not a laptop.

iPad Air link

Ipad Air is Ipad, not laptop. Just FYI. Now it is definitely better than a non retina ipad mini, but for the price this is great although be it not an ipad air.

Thanks to those of you who responded and helped me with my little dilemma. I truly appreciate your educated help and guidance.

You were all unanimous in your advise, which was NOT to buy anything but the iPad AIR, which is what my son really wants. So I’m not going to buy this machine and I’ll buy the AIR instead. Thanks again!

I bought this same ipad from for $315 over fourth of July weekend. I’d definitely pull the trigger if I wasn’t already enjoying one.

the sales stats show it was on sale for less than 21 hours? but I didn’t get the email until 6:22 PM - about an hour before it sold out.

I may have tried to purchase one if I had not gone to Tokyo Joe’s for dinner. I don’t check my email when I at dinner.

Hmm. Sorry about that. I pinged our devs, just in case something crazysauce is happening. Thanks for the heads up!