Apple 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi

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Apple 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi
$449.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This is SO outdated…

oo la la

refurb and outdated at that price ?

$429 direct from apple ¬_¬

c’mon woot

terrible price for a outdated ipad.

Specs on this model at Amazon

At least these are a cinch to jailbreak…

I’m a fandroid myself… but if I were into iProducts, I’d be tempted.

Note that “1st gen” should have been in the item title.

That’s cool but the real question is…

Can it run Flash?

Does this run Android?

$429 on Apple website. Free Shipping.

Will this work with a Mac??

this is cheaper in the Apple refurb store…

Is this even a bargain? The apple store has them for $429

Not really. The new one is the “iPad 2” not just an iPad.

What the??

REFURB AT THIS PRICE, you can buy a new ipad 2 for a few bucks more with alot more, c’mon amazon(woot)