Apple 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi

plus tax

I’m browsing this on my dirt cheap wootoff-supplied Viewsonic g tablet, so I’m really getting a kick out of this.

At lest there are only 5. And 1 is gone already…

Does it come with Apple’s patented black T-Shirt packaging? Or at least is it preloaded with the smugness of the average Apple user? Come back when this is $249. for the 64GB edition. I’ll wait until I can get a real one - like a Thinkpad Tablet.

$435 new at Amazon. Cmon Woot, what a ripoff for a refurb…

Not a great price–but point about the “outdated” comments:

You still can’t jailbreak ipad2. Sadly–ipad2 was the first ipad I decided to purchase…under the assumption that a jailbreak would be forthcoming. It’s not looking good, so far.

Has woot jumped the shark?

This should be $399 or $369 to be a deal…

Hey, what version of Windows does this have?

Need to pass and get the 100 gallons of regular.

I was about to say this is going to last a while, but it’s already over… good.

I have to pay california sales tax at the apple website…

that didn’t take long to sell out.

I thought Woot bought products in bulk from manufacturers and then sold those items at a lower price to a community of online consumers. Why have many of these items in this Woot-Off (such as this one) been equal to or even greater than the manufacturer in price? Doesn’t that negate the purpose of Woot?

Got a new one at Verizon recently for $399.


i thought this was a deal site?

C’mon–everybody wants this! But, my wife said “No.” Again.

Tax is a killer though

Not exactly. The box says “iPad” on it and the people in the store do not refer to it as an “iPad 2”. Trust me, I just bought one a couple hours ago and have it syncing in front of me as I type this :slight_smile:

Exactly… Come on woot! How is this a deal?? At $349 it would have been a good deal and I would have def bought one…

Sent from my iPad 2

I agree, NOT a great deal for an old one and a Refurb-To-Pad!