Apple 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi

Hopefully these will go fast


you can get this BRAND NEW from Verizon for $399. This is more and a refurb. meh.

Wasnt this towards the begining of the woot-off? I swear I remember them.

Yay wootalyzer! hugs

Before you ask, this is the First Gen model. It does not have a camera like the 2nd Gen’s do.

I resent myself for wanting one…or two.

Hey Woot…how about putting a Xoom up here! Android is the king now.

Is this PC compatible?

I’m Apple ignorant, what do these cost new? Is this a decent price? I’ve been debating whether to buy one.

$399 AND a two year contract, too!

I believe those were the 16GB wifi and 16GB wiFi+3G models.

I hate when my finger spasms out and I click the post button twice.

I don’t think Apple sold enough iPads for there to be as many refurbs as we’ve had in this Woot-off.

No, no contract. My coworker and I just bought some from Verizon.

This is the iPad I have, and I love it. It is just so much fun that it should be illegal. If this old fart gets so much pleasure from it, consider what an iPad can do for you.

$429 for this at the apple store… but they are out of stock.

I see many of you were answering my question, as I was typing it…

Thanks, I think I’ll wait and do a bit more homework.

perfect, I need more coasters

in for three