Apple 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi

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Apple 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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No camera? Nah…

The upgrade to the iPad 2 is definitely worth it, imo

Does it come with the “Shoot the Woot Flying Monkeys” app?

I heard you can wirelessly clean up spills with these. They are also good for pesky prairie dogs and angry birds.

Up late wooting off on my ipad… It is amazing

you know, if this came in a bag everyone could stop whining about the BoC

Here is a picture of the new iPad package :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, it goes from “abjectly terrible” to “severely terrible”.

AT&T sells 64GB ipad with wifi & 3G for $430, search for AT&T premier store

An Apple a day leads to less WOOT MONKIES!!!

I never use the camera on my iPad 2. This is a little thicker and slower, but worth it for $200 less than an iPad 2 IMO.

Thought this would sell quickly…must not be a big Apple audience tonight!

Even the stars of South Park have iPads!

However there appears to be only two iPads :slight_smile:

you gotta link?

Is bag of crap over? I’ve been waiting for 16 Hrs already.

Still quite expensive and I would assume any hardcore Apple fan would desire the new products only. I’m slightly tempted but would rather wait to see what comes after.

BOOO! Sold out while I was changing Shipping Address! BOO!