Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation

If I recall correctly, this is multitask-ready once iPhone OS 4 is released.

Edit: yep, I’m right. This one does support multitasking once OS 4 is out.

Ordered one from Woot last time, and my teen loves it. Great for homework, schedules, music etc. Updated it to OS4 with no problems.

I plan on loading one up with Death Metal tunes for mom’s special day…

Anyone know if Apple will honor this under their normal one-year warranty for refurbished stuff?

Considering it’s ~$270 on Amazon, this isn’t that bad of a deal (at least for a refurbished model, which more often than not is practically new).

I paid $175 for my 8gb IPod two weeks ago, so this is a very good deal! But if Apple is blowing them out, is there a new model about to be released, perhaps with a camera and a mic?

Yes it is upgradable to the new OS 4.0, with multitouch and all the other shinanigans!

Unlike the previous iPod, this one actually IS a 3rd Generation.

Here’s a Previous Woot.

I think I’m gonna go for this. I’ve tried looking for one used on Craigslist, but everyone on is either a flake, or they’re charging more than this. Some ask the same as new prices on Amazon.

before the question arises, yes, this iPod is OS4 compatible and will support multitasking

What’s the shipping method for this one?

That is true.

I respectfully fart in your general direction. For $40 I’ll take a new one.

I kind of want to buy it. Anyone know the shipping method?

Here is a review on youtube from reliable youtuber:

Do I need iTunes to use this device?

Also - am I the only person who doesn’t have iTunes?

paid 220 shipped for my used one that i scoured for… this is a good deal.

Can’t argue with that