Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation


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Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation [Refurbished] - $229.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Apple MC008LL/A 32GB Gen 3 iPod Touch

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Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation
$229.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MC008LL/A 32GB Gen 3 iPod Touch

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As usual…woot has the cheaper price!!



Does this come with OS 3.0?.. and will you have to pay for the next OS upgrade later this summer?..


does it come barely charged like the one in the photo?


Only $40 (15%) off new?


Do these have Apple warranty’s?


Ive been itching for one of these for a little while now, for multiple reasons - certainly including tracking Woot Offs from anywhere with WiFi!


songs super funny


Bear in mind that this is a refurbished ipod touch, not a new one like what’s being sold on amazon. I don’t know too much about the quality of the refurbishment.




I paid $187 for the 8 Gb model at CostCo, less than a month ago. This is a good deal. I already have 8 pages of apps, and only 1 (Geocaching) that I purchased. If you are a guitar player, some of the guitar apps alone are almost worth the price.


My good old fashioned mp3 player that I got four years ago just died and my hubby is trying to convince me to get an iPod Touch (no, he doesn’t have one - he just likes it). I think I just need something simple that plays music. Are iPod Touch’s that great and how many generations are there? I know the later the better, right? I have never had a problem with any refurb I’ve ever bought, but I’ve never bought ANYTHING from Apple. Is this a good deal? What do I really need? Come on, all you geekers, help a girl out!

P.S. What’s with adding apps? Are those expensive? What exactly does the iPod Touch DO besides play music and video?


no podcast am i missing something come on woot
and you are selling something to hold podcast

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Does this have an Apple Warranty?..

[MOD: Sigh. Main page has the warranty info as always… 90-day Woot Warranty]


I can guarantee you that most likely you will have to pay for the OS upgrade.


Yes, you will have to pay to upgrade it to OS 4.0

That has always been the case with iPods (iPhones are supposedly exempt because you pay a monthly fee on them…riiiiiight)


If you are debating on whether or not to buy one of these…just do it. I can not live without mine and it is only 8gb. There are a lot of times that I just need to look something up real quick, so instead of turning on my puter and waiting for start up, I just click on my iPod Safari and bam…within seconds I have what I need to know. These things are super fast and pretty cool to play games and music on to.


Wrong. Not this time. There are refurbished ipod touches on amazon (look where it says 5 refurbished), going from 225.99 per device. Cheaper than woot’s…

But then again, they only have 5 available. Woot has quite a few more, I imagine…

[MOD: And $16.95 shipping.]