Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation


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Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation [Refurbished] - $219.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Apple MC008LL/A 32GB Gen 3 iPod Touch

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For the generationally impaired here’s the Wikipedia comparison:


Does jailbreaking void the woot warranty?


Product Website


save $35 from apple’s refurb options


Video and review at CNET:


Phew. So glad that I could come here to see that Woot hasn’t lost all of it’s woot-ness. Thank god for refurbs on Woot!


The Apple Refurb Webpage has it listed for $259 with a ONE year warranty… Even with Square Trade at $33 bucks for a year, you are only paying an extra six dollars if purchased from Apple – of course, you’ll probably have to pay sales tax…


Does anyone know if there will be a new generation of the Ipod touch with the new Iphone being released? I am in need of a touch since I am giving up on my Zune, but I would hate to buy this if there will be a new version coming down the pike.


We are a family of 4, and we own 4 iPod touches. When I first got mine, I was thinking that it was nice to have an mp3 player that could also surf the web. Then my wife and I went to the movies, and she dropped the cover to my ebook reader, and couldn’t find it in the dark. A nice guy behind us said “don’t you have the free flashlight function on your iTouch?” and helped us find the cover.

Of course, you can read ebooks on the iPod touch too.

Later that day we had to drive to an office, and my wife panicked because she didn’t know how to get to the address, and had left her GPS at work. iPod touch to the rescue again.

It even has an app ($10) that lets me watch TV broadcasts from my Hava Titanium HD (got it on Woot!).

I was never an Apple fan, but…

that only begins to explain why the iPod touch is my favorite gadget.

This also has voice control of your music (unlike the 8GB model), and you can buy earbuds with a microphone that work with it.

And many of the best apps and games are free, or very inexpensive. It’s much, much more than an mp3 player.


Does modding your water cooler to dispense kool aid void the warranty? Probably.

According to the warranty from squaretrade

“Software: We don’t cover software issues, including software for computers, cell phones and PDAs.”


Yes. But the original settings can be restored…


iPod Touch is updated every year in Sept. iPhone is updated every year in June.


New features in iOS 4



Some YouTube videos:



review (8GB)


If they can’t detect it was jailbroken and it wasn’t the reason for the warranty claim, it’s probably going to be OK then.


Re: SquareTrade - use the coupon code 07FOURTH or THIRTY30 and get 30% off so an additional year for 2 years coverage is about $37.


Amazon has them for $258 new. And one refurb for $226