Apple 32GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Is this the latest generation of iPod touch?

No, it’s last-gen.

Nope. 4th gen is the latest. Still a semi-decent deal.

Thanks. Still a great deal though.


Does it work with audio books?

That Sansa Fuze looks funny…
is there something wrong with it?


furb and re furb were sitting on a fence… furb fell off… who was left?

PASS! Been burnt by EVERY furby  product I’ve ever bought. Including the iPods I got off woot. Pasadena.

Wow, and there was only 1…hmmmmmmmmmm…

So that’s how Woot employee(s) get rid of their old iPod after they bought a new one.

And we can blame (or thank) Amila in California for the sellout.