Apple 32GB iPod touch (5th Gen) 3 Colors

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**Item: **Apple 32GB iPod touch (5th Gen) 3 Colors
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Note: Uses a Lightning connector. Adapter for all your 30-pin accessories not included.

First of all, I love how there were 3 colors, but the pink sold out before the first purchase. Also, I can’t seem to find any mention if these are factory or “seller” refurbished. Based on the price, I would assume it’s “seller”, which equals no deal.

Check out some additional info and some pretty pictures over at apple

Check out this very thorough review [youtube=NTpKf3VyCRY][/youtube]

Yeah it’s an ipod touch, we get it. So anyone going to start a REAL discussion on whether or not this is a good deal?

There was some discussion during the iPod Touch event about how good of a deal this was:

I think ultimately what it comes down to is that Apple will sell you an official refurb for $249. Once shipping is taken into account that’s $25.01 more than here, which is about 10%. So you really have to ask yourself is a one year Apple warranty and all the accessories worth an extra $25?

A few years ago I purchased a refurb G3 iPod Touch on Woot, when it froze, I brought it to the Apple Store and they gave me a “new” refurb, that looked brand new. I’m not sure if their exchange is still as easy, but they knew I bought it at Woot.

This year, I bought my NEW black 32 GB G5 from Newegg, mostly because of the $279 sale price and no 10% sales tax in Washington state. Since the no sales tax motivation left Wootdom, for those of us in WA, deals like this one are much less attractive, compared to buying new.

As for the G5 iPod Touch, I love it! My only complaint is that it’s so thin that while taking photos, I wish it was thicker and more holdable!. I tried a Nokia Pureview 808 earlier in the year and it’s definitely easier to take photos with, but Symbian sucked.

I understand your point, but I’d like to point out a few things:

  1. Apple charges TAX to every state. Woot does not. Buying this (refurbished iPod touch) from Apple would cost me over $16 in TAX.

  2. It’s free shipping from Apple.

  3. All of the accessories are included with the Woot version. All you get with the latest iPod touch is the unit itself, a lightning cord (charge & data transfer), the newer style earbuds, and a strap (connects to the pop-up connector on the back.)

So, with the exception of the warranty the units are essentially identical between Apple and Woot. You have to decide if the better warranty from Apple is worth $40.

I just bought a refurb from Apple for the $249. Considering it is a refurb the 1 year (vs 90 day) warranty may be a good idea. Out local Apple store is pretty good. They replaced my daughters for free after she dropped it in the water.

I think the volume up button acts as a camera trigger, at least it does on my iphone 5.

Can you purchase Applecare and get 2 years of coverage for this? It’s $40 at B&H.

Awesome product. I have had mine since December and use it every day.

Yes, it does.

What’s wrong with this picture. You can get a IPOD touch for $219, or a 32" LED SMART TV for $209.

It’s REALLY hard to stuff that TV into your pocket and take it with you.

Not to mention trying to plug it into the USB in your car to listen to music.