Apple 32GB iPod Touch –Current Gen

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Apple 32GB iPod Touch -Current Gen
$229.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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They are just blazing through low quantity stuff huh? Really is a clean out day.

It is $272.95 on for new. Not sure if this is a good deal. Any ideas?

Not even that great of a deal really…

meh… same price at newegg, free (fast) shipping and no tax for us Texans…

$20 more on gets you an Apple-refurbished version of the exact same item, with a new case, new battery, and full 1-year warranty from Apple.

That’s worth $20.

Crap how many do they have in the back room, lol…

Refurbs are tested thoroughly - not just popped off the assembly line. I prefer them for Apple items.

and just like that, the wootoff was dead.

That’s true for official Apple-refurbished items, which these are not.

ipod must be the new sansa…

These aren’t refurbed by Apple, these have 90 Woot warranty, which means they are refurbed by a 3rd party, probably the kids on kids.woot.

Buyer beware… I’ve bough two of these 32gb iPod Touches from Woot. Both had to go back because of battery issues. I don’t think they are getting the highest quality refurbs… it also took me more than a month to get the money reposted to my credit card. Combine low quality with a non-competitive price… you’ve been warned.

Good morning folks. So what do we got here, a 1-dayer? 2-dayer? Hopefully not a 3-dayer, right? How many waves of buckets of capers we looking at here?

With the advances Smart Phones are making and the streaming applications we are seeing pop up it really is just a matter of time before music players become a novelty.

Did the price of this thing just drop mid-woot, or is my browser playing tricks on me?

Price just dropped $15. Still. do. not. want.

Oh hey there. Saw the post above about us not being competitive so they’ve lowered the price to $214.99.

If you ordered prior to the price change, you will automatically be refunded the difference. If you have any questions, feel free to email

you missed this.