Apple 32GB iPod touch with Retina Display & FaceTime (Current Generation)

Previous Woot May 18, 2011 8GB Version

I see Woot removed the standard You can’t have… and replaced it with You CAN HAZ!

Does anyone know how to sync these things using anything other than iTunes? (heaven forbid)

Oh, thanks woot. Right after I bought the 8 gb for 175 on Wednesday. I’m just going to go throw up now.

If I wait a couple more days, can I get a 64 GB version? or should I bite now?

This is the best deal on this iPod version and storage capacity that I could find.

To all the Apple haters out there, I love my 3rd generation 32gb iTouch. It is to me by far the best mp3 player (although it has become so much more now) ever.
And when you jailbreak it, which you should, you’ll have access to some even more amazing content! Its saved my ass in college numerous times by using VNC to mail myself something for a presentation or mail my professor my paper as I am in class that I forgot to do while back in my dorm.

Seriously get an iPod if you don’t have one. I understand a lot of people will hate me for saying that but I really don’t understand the criticism the iPod receives. Except for the camera, that really blows.

This is what jailbreaking is.

More information than you’ll ever need:
Honestly I use iTunes on my Windows 7 PC and it isn’t that bad, beyond the general sluggishness. I think Apple’s been trying to improve on that in the past couple of years.

About FaceTime, from the last offering:

I almost did it too…but …I can sleep You toss your cookies

I want. I want. I want.

Now I need to convince my penny pinching husband that it’s worth it! :slight_smile:

Well, now I really regret wasting my money…
Why woot…

That comment amuses my 80 GB Zune… :wink:

Is this an actual Apple refurb or some random refurb?

I for one, am sorta NOT surprised to still be here…
but … dang … I was expecting a bit more out of the whole Rapture thing…

but, WHY is Woot selling a display of my retinas? … is this some super spy thing?

About Retina Display taken from Wikipedia:

I would love to be able to drag and drop music. It seems SOOOOO much easier than stinkin going through all my music and checking and unchecking boxes.

Penny Pinching Husband!
She’s Worth it!

Hopefully the woot gods arent playing an evil trick such as the on one april 1… Everything says 32GB, untill the second or third to the last picture…

Be wary, be very wary… lol… 8GB, Ive seen these pics before…

[STAFF: Whoops. Good catch. Already alerted someone to take it down. This is the 32GB. Thanks!]

Oh this would have been nice in the BOC.